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Zymox Otic

Zymox Otic is suitable for use in both cats and dogs to treat ear inflammation associated with bacterial, viral, and yeast infections.  The product is available in two varieties, both with and without hydro-cortisone.

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Zymox Otic is suitable for use in both cats and dogs to treat ear inflammation associated with bacterial, viral, and yeast infections. The product is available in two varieties, both with and without hydro-cortisone. Hydrocortisone is good at reducing inflammation and itching but not suitable for use on broken or damaged skin. If your pet’s ear problems are associated with broken skin choose Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment without Hydrocortisone.

Where to Buy Zymox Otic?

zymox oticYou can buy Zymox Otic through the links above. Our preferred source for Zymox liquid for pets is US Pets as theirs are the best prices for Zymox online. Zymox, both with and without Hydrocortisone is available in three pack sizes (1.25 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz). You may buy Zymox without prescription as it is an over the counter pet medicine.

We price-checked Zymox with Hydrocortisone in the 4 oz bottle as that is the most popular product from the range. We looked at where Zymox is sold, among the largest online pet med stores. At the time of writing we found US Pets sold for more than $17 cheaper than  Choosing the 8oz bottle offers even greater savings but for most pet owners is not a volume likely to be required.

How Zymox Otic Works

Zymox Otic is not an antibiotic which means it can deal with antibiotic resistant micro organisms. Three enzymes are used (lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, and lactoferrin). The ingredients in Zymox work in combination to destroy a wide range of micro-organisms including bacteria, yeasts and viral organisms. Even hard to eradicate organisms such as Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Proteus and Malassezia can be treated effectively with Zymox Otic. In addition hydrocortisone reduces itching and inflammation.

Used once a day for a week, acute ear infections will be alleviated, and a fortnightly course should stop most chronic ear infections. Rare micro-organisms causing severe cases may require treatment for up to one or two months.

How to Use Zymox for Dogs and Cats

This is one pet medication that really could not be more simple to use. It acts as a cleanser and medication in one, so you should not clean your pet’s ear prior to use.

  • Simply apply liberally to your dog or cat to fill the ear canal.
  • Then massage gently to distribute the medicine evenly.
  • Wipe away any surplus liquid.
  • Flush the ear after treatment.
  • Repeat once a day for seven (for acute infections) to fourteen (for chronic problems) days.

It is most important to remember that Zymox Otic is using enzymes to help your pet. These enzymes can be affected by other cleansers and medications so never use any other ear products alongside Zymox or you may nullify the benefits of the pet medicine.

Zymox Otic Precautions

There are no reported side affects associated with Zymox Otic use in either cats or dogs. However two considerations should be made when using this enzymatic pet medication.

  1. Do not use in conjunction with other ear treatments or the enzymes may be unable to work effectively. If you wish to use a medicated pet shampoo or ear cleanser only Zymox Ear Cleanser or Zymox Medicated Pet Shampoo should be chosen. These both contain the same triple enzyme forumula so will work in conjunction with Zymox Otic, and can be considered a mild way to offer pretection against future ear infections if used regularly.
  2. Pets with broken skin in the ear area should be treated with Zymox Otic without Hydrocautisone.

Zymox Otic for Recurring Ear Infections

Zymox Otic with Hydrocautisone or without are both highly effective at managing existing ear infections and preventing new ones. As certain breeds of dog are particularly prone to ear infections it could be worth considering use of Zymox Otic or Zymox Shampoor or Ear Cleanser as a preventative measure. But do speak to your vet about how necessary this is. The most common reasons for a predisposition to ear infections and inflammation (otitis externa) are:

  • Excessive skin folds in ear
  • Floppy ears
  • Stenosis (narrowing of the ear canal caused by infection or breed – common among Shar-peis dogs)
  • Excessive hair
  • Excessive cerumen production (Labrador Retrievers and certain Spaniels are particularly prone to this condition)
  • Supressed immune system
  • Use of systemic antibiotics

Pet King Brands, the makers of Zymox Otic have a full list of FAQ that you may find useful prior to using this pet medication for the first time.