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Viralys for Cats – L-Lysine Powder and Gel

Viralys for Cats is a powdered or gel form of food supplement contain L-Lysine.  As we have seen with Lysine Treats for Cats the amino acid L-Lysine is thought to help alleviate and reduce the severity and longevity of respiratory and ocular symptoms associated with the feline herpes virus.

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Using Lysine in gel or powder form is a cheaper alternative to chewy treats.  Being poultry flavoured many cats will readily accept their medicine.  The powder is easier for many as it can be sprinkled onto food and given that way hopefully without your cat being any the wiser about medicine time.

Viralys Dosage

viralys felineThe usual dosage for cats over 6 months of age is one scoop given twice a day with food.  A 100g pack contains around 310 scoops so it works out as a relatively cheap pet medicine.    Kittens under six months should be given half a scoop twice a day.  Your vet may suggest a different dosage, particularly when symptoms are displayed when an increase in the volume of lysine being used may prove advantageous.

Viralys Safety

There are no known side effects associated with even high doses of lysine (which is a natural amino acid found in many protein rich foods).  However should you cat display any unusual symptoms stop the treatment and consult your veterinarian for further advice.

Large doses of lysine are known to react unfavourably with certain antibiotics so it is important that your vet knows all the medications being given to your cat before they prescribe another.  Viralys is manufactured by Vetoquinol.

The Feline Herpes Virus

This is extremely common and pretty much impossible to get rid of.  Most cats contract the virus as kittens from their mothers (close contact is needed to pass on the disease).  Once established the virus may lay dormant for long times, then periodically flare up again (similar to how cold sores affect humans).  The primary symptoms are sneezing and discharge from the eyes and/or nose.  The condition can cause severe eye problems and lesions particularly in young kittens, but most usually such a serious problem.

Stress and changes in routine accompanied by coming into contact with new viruses are the usual culprits of a new outbreak, so routine and minimising the interaction with new cats are good ways to reduce the occurrence of herpes symptoms in cats.

How Viralys Helps

Though Viralys will not completely destroy the herpes virus, it can prove beneficial in reducing the symptoms and their severity.  As flare ups are likely to occur on a recurring basis over the years many cat owners choose to administer a maintenance dose of lysine by way of Viralys for Cats on a permanent basis.

The amino acid lysine will help reduce symptoms by making the virus less able to reproduce effectively as levels of Arginine (another essential amino acid) are shown to fall as lysine levels increase.  The herpes virus needs Arginine to multiply and reproduce so its reduction is thought to have an adverse effect on the virus.

Viralys for cats is widely used by cat owners, but additional antibiotic treatments may be necessary to fight secondary infections when flare ups are severe (such as Terramycin eye ointment).  The condition should be discussed with your vet and any concerns raised with them.

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