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Valuheart Heartworm Tabs – Cheap Heartworm Medicine

Valuheart Heartworm Tabs are an Australian generic version of Heartgard for Dogs. A simple to use, once a month tablet that if used correctly will guarantee that heartworm disease never affects your dog.

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A lower price than Heartgard, but medicinally exactly the same, Valuheart is simply a form of Generic Heartgard. Made with the same ingredients but sold in a different packet for a much lower price. Valuheart is an Australian brand. For those based in the US, we suggest Triheart Plus (a US made generic version of Heartgard Plus).

Valuheart Price

valueheartThankfully prices of branded Heartgard have come right down. Valuheart is no longer quite the bargain it once was. To avoid issues with overseas suppliers (and the FDA) it is far easier (and legal) to order branded Heartgard or Triheart Plus in the US.

The following tells you about Valuheart in Australia. You will need to select the correct color coded pack:

  • Valuheart Heartworm Pills Blue (Dogs up to 22 lbs)
  • Valuheart Heartworm Pills Green (Dogs 23 to 44 lbs)
  • Valuheart Heartworm Pills Brown (Dogs 45 to 88  lbs)

The thing that makes Valuheart pills such a popular form of heartworm medicine is simply the price.  Valuheart is without a doubt extremely good value for money.

Generic pet medicines are a simple way to save money without scrimping on quality.  The FDA govern generics just as they do branded medications.  Once a manufacturer of a new pet medication has done all the testing necessary to register a new treatment they are allowed a monopoly period of twenty years in which to recoup the costs of developing that new product.  Once this patent period has ended other companies can use the active ingredients to develop their own generic version.  These again have to go through testing and so forth before being allowed to be sold to the public.  The key thing the FDA look for is that the generic pet medicine must be interchangeable with the original branded version.  So you could use Heartgard one month and Valuheart the next and it would make absolutely no difference to the quality of heartworm protection given to your dog.

Without the original development costs the price of Valuheart and other generic pet meds is usually far cheaper than that of the original branded version.

Valuheart Heartworm Tabs

Valuheart Heartworm Tabs contain one active ingredient (ivermectin).  It is this component that is able to destroy any heartworm larvae in the system of your dog.  By using Valuheart pills every 30 days you destroy any larvae whilst they are still under a month old and therefore before they are able to cause any concern to your pet’s health.  This is why it is crucial to use the heartworm pills every month year round.  In some areas only seasonal use is possible, throughout the mosquito season and for two months after it.  But if seasonal use is preferred you will need to visit your vet to have a heartworm test performed each spring.

Likewise if your dog has never been given a heartworm prentative before this test will need to be performed.  This is because other medications would need to be prescribed prior to starting a program of prevention.

You can find out more about using heartworm medicine for dogs in our earlier article.

Valuheart Without Prescription

Valuheart is sold in Australia without a prescription as all older style monthly heartworm preventatives are RX free there. Buying the branded original in the States doesn’t mean running around sorting out prescriptions though. Let the store do that for you; just leave your pet’s name and their vet’s phone number and customer services will sort out all that paperwork on your behalf.

Cheap Heartworm Medicine

Valuheart Heartwrom Tabs offer pet owners a reliable yet cheap heartworm medicine.  The product works in exactly the same way as Heartgard and is only sold at such low prices because it is a generic pet medicine and so has lower development costs.