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Proden Plaqueoff for Animals

If your pet’s bad breath is getting both of you down its time to do something about it! If you buy Proden Plaqueoff Animal plaque treatment you do more than simply improve the odour of kitties breath.

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You also improve their oral hygiene and therefore their long-term health outlook.  Though there are many pet owners that carry out regular brushing of their dog’s and cat’s teeth, they are still in the minority.  For many cat owners the prospect of settling down with a toothbrush and their resident feline is something that just simply does not get done, whether it be for lack of time or an unwillingness to be on the wrong side of said cat’s claws!

animal proden plaqueoffThere are though, a few products that aim to reduce plaque and the subsequent problems, its build up will cause, without any stress to the pet or danger for the owner.  Proden Plaqueoff Animal formula is one such product.  They do also produce a similar plaque reduction medication for humans too.  Here though, we leave humans to their own devices and concentrate on Pets Medicines only.

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This is one all natural pet health supplement that does not break the bank which is great to know as so many ‘herbal’ or ‘all natural’ pet healthcare supplies can be so over-priced.  This is in part because you simply do not need to use much of the product to improve your pet’s oral health.  Small dogs and cats need only 1/2 a scoop a day which means that even the smallest tub (holding 60g) will last around one year.   Even really large dogs over 50 lbs only need two scoops a day meaning the smallest pot will still last them around three months.  With this tub being priced under $20 that’s not too much to spend to look after your pet’s oral hygiene and reduce the impact of those close encounters with Fido’s stinky breath.

Proden PlaqueOff is widely available in three different pack sizes:

  • ProDen PlaqueOff Animal For Dogs & Cats, 60 gm
  • ProDen PlaqueOff Animal For Dogs & Cats, 180 gm
  • ProDen PlaqueOff Animal For Dogs & Cats, 420 gm

To Buy ProDen Plaqueoff Animal for Dogs and Cats at the best prices online simply click on the links above.  We will direct you straight to the cheapest source today.  At the time of writing this is EntirelyPets, who we regularly find offer the lowest prices for pet meds online, along with reliable service and secure sales practices.

What is Proden Plaqueoff for Animals?

Proden Plaqueoff Animal formula is a natural pet supplement produced primarily from seaweed.  It is rich in iodine and various vitamins and minerals making it a useful dietary supplement in its own right.  Its real aim though is to significantly reduce the build up of plaque in our pet’s mouths.  The seaweed is harvested from the waters north of Scandinavia.  It has been proven to reduce the biofilm in mouths that basically allow bacteria to stick to the teeth and gums.  This means plaque is less able to attach and build up in the mouth.

Proden Plaqueoff will help breakdown existing plaque, usually in around two to eight weeks, though of course this depends on the extent of the problem to begin with.  From then on it helps stop new plaque developing.

The product is sold in granule form.  The granules are added to your pet’s meal once a day.  Once digested the active ingredients contained in the seaweed are excreted into the saliva where they get to work treating and preventing plaque build up.

It is natural and completely non-toxic so safe to use long-term to keep your dog or cat’s breath good, and more importantly their teeth and gums healthy.  As the pet’s supplement has not been tested on pregnant or lactating animals it is advisable to pause the use of the product during this time.  The only other point to really note is that the granules, being rich in seaweed do contain a high concentration of iodine.  This is helpful for the most part, but certain pets with thyroid issues may find issues with their other medications so speak to your vet before using on animals on thyroid medication already.

Why Your Pet’s Bad Breath Should be Treated

Many of us simply expect dog’s breath to be less than pleasant, and cat’s breath to have a distinct scent of the tuna can about it.   Though many animals do indeed have bad breath it is not something that should go unchecked.  Dog bad breath is not natural and a dog breath remedy will do more than improve the odour.  In the wild, dogs and cats would regularly chew raw bones that would clean their teeth and gums, keeping their breath fresh.  Since many pet owners prefer to feed something cleaner and more convenient many pets do not naturally clean their teeth.

The bad breath that we notice is the result of significant bacterial colonies settling onto plaque and tartar.  These can cause serious gum disease.  Red, inflamed or bleeding gums will often recede allowing for early tooth loss.  In rare and severe cases infections may result.  In the most usual cases at the very least older dogs are likely to experience pain and possibility difficulty eating due to gum problems and loose or missing teeth.

As soon as you notice bad breath you know that your pet has too much bacteria, plaque and tartar and that something should be done.  Regular brushing is the ideal solution but one that many pet owners find difficult or impractical.  Some pet owners favor a diet at least supplemented in part with raw meaty bones, allowing the animals natural behavior to take care of their oral hygiene.  But this approach is not for everyone which is why dietary supplements such as Proden Plaqueoff Animal is growing in popularity.

Natural Preventative Pet Medicines Online

Although we often discuss medications and treatments for existing conditions at the Online Pet Meds site, there are also so really useful preventative pet meds online.   Where natural products work we do try to mention them as it is great not to have to use too many powerful medications for our pets.   Proden Plaqueoff for Cats and Dogs is proven to be entirely safe, with no known side effects.  But that being said, because it is so high in iodine (a useful element) it can be problematic for dogs or cats that are undergoing thyroid treatment so it is best to discuss the treatment of such pets with your vet before you buy Proden Plaqueoff for Animals.