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Glyco-Flex Equine Powder and Pellets

GlycoFlex Equine Powder and Pellets can help improve mobility and joint function. Providing 57 nutrients known to stimulate better joint health, this is an all natural formula produced by Vetri-Science Laboratories.

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Available in both powder and pellet form there are two stages in the Equine GlycoFlex range (Glyco-Flex EQ and Glyco-Flex II EQ). We will discuss the differences below. Generally the stage II version is for older horses or those with a more obvious need for joint support.

Equine GlycoFlex Best Price

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Using Glyco-Flex for Horses

You will need to determine first, which stage of this joint supplement is required.  Stage I is for younger animals that have a need for early joint support, particularly sporting or working animals.   Stage II with its more complete formula is suited to animals with a more urgent need for joint support, whether due to activity levels, injury, operative procedures or age.  It is most often used for elderly horses as well as sporting and working animals.

Whichever product you need to use there is a choice of buying in either pellet or powder form to ensure that giving your horse their supplements is as easy as possible.

Both are used in a similar way, with a scoop provided to make measuring the correct dose (14g of powder or 21g of pellets) simple.  Initially a four to six week period is suggested when a slightly higher dose will be required.  Once signs of improvement are apparent, a reduced maintenance level can be achieved.

The initial treatment should be three scoops given twice a day.   The maintenance dosage is reduced to one scoop twice daily.  Horses weighing more than 1200lbs should have an additional scoop per day.  It is best to divide the treatment equally between morning and evening as indicated.

Glyco-Flex EQ

This is the less powerful formulation most useful for treating animals with an early need for joint support, such as young working animals.  The key active ingredient is 4300mg of GlycOmega Perna (Green Lipped Mussel) per scoop.  This natural substance contains 57 nutrients useful for maintaining healthy joints and connective tissue.

Glyco-Flex II EQ

This is probably the most popular formulation since the addition of glucosamine, MSM and manganese make the product more powerful and able to really help animals with a more pressing need for joint support.  Used often both before and after surgery this provides everything the animal needs to ensure ligaments, tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid are maintained to a higher level.

In turn this reduces soreness, stiffness, lameness and generally keeps your animal mobile.  You cannot really cure serious issues such as arthritis, but you can help the animals own body fight back to some degree.  There may be cases when such an equine joint supplement as this or Cosequin equine powder may not be seen as that beneficial.  But there are many more cases where owners see a distinct improvement in mobility, activity and subsequently general mood and well-being, so they are certainly worth try or discussing with your vet if you are concerned about your horses joint health.

The Glyco-Flex Range

As well as GlycoFlex Equine, the manufacturers also provide Glyco-Flex for Cats as well as Canine Glyco-Flex to help support joint function in all our favorite animals.