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How to Use Frontline Plus

If you use a topical flea treatment regularly on your pets it quickly becomes second nature. But, if switching to spot on flea products like Frontline Plus, for the first time, it can appear a little tricky.

In fact you will find it very simply to apply Frontline Plus in most cases.  You just need to keep calm, relaxed, organised, and in charge of your pets for a few minutes!  The whole idea is to have the whole thing done and dusted before your dog or cat really knows what is going on!

Personally, I have never found any of my pets to be particularly bothered about having a liquid flea treatment applied.  One of dogs, with a particularly sensitive back doesn’t like the liquid to be too cold but, but generally by the time she realises this is an issue, its already applied.  Working swiftly and without making it into any big issue will keep pets calm and unaware of flea medicine time.

Watch the video to see exactly how Merial suggest you use their best selling flea treatment.

Whether you are dealing with a pet cat or dog the steps are pretty much the same:

  1. The first step is always to double-check you have the right packet for the weight and type of animal you are treating.  It is important to remember that Frontline Plus for Cats is only for felines, and Frontline Plus for Dogs is only for canines.  Plus, the dosages are created to suit particular sizes of animal, so do double check before applying.
  2. Peel back the foil and take out one pipette of Frontline Plus.
  3. Sit down comfortably with your pet, and snap the end of the capsule, away from face and body.
  4. Part the fur of your pet* and empty the entire capsule directly onto the skin.
  5. Give your pet a fuss for being such a good girl or boy and you’re done.

* For cats it is always best to apply Frontline Plus onto the skin at the base of the neck, whilst for dogs treat the skin between the shoulder-blades.

Your pet should be dry when using any topical flea treatment, so it is always a good idea to apply at least 24 hours after bathing.  Also allow a further 24 hours before bathing after applying Frontline Plus.

For complete flea and tick control Frontline Plus should be re-applied every month.

Kittens and puppies as young as 8 weeks, plus breeding and lactating animals may be safely treated with Frontline Plus, as confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in May 2003.

If you would like to see how we ensure we have the cheapest price for Frontline Plus have a look at our price comparison article.

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Cheap Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline Plus for dogs is one of our most popular flea treatments.  And, since it works on ticks, as well as fleas it is no wonder really.  To order this flea treatment at great low prices visit our sales page via the link below:

Cheap Frontline Plus for Dogs

You can order Frontline Plus flea treatment with great discounts online, usually offering a far better price than the average veterinary office.  And, since this is one pet product you will be using very regularly, it makes sense to ensure you pay the lowest price possible.

Frontline Plus Best Price

When we carry out our periodic price comparisons, we are often pretty amazed at just how minimal the discounts can be.  Some of the most popular online retailers seem to offer the worst prices.  I guess, if you are such a well known name in the world of pet flea treatments you simply don’t need to be the most competitive when it comes to pricing.

That doesn’t mean we suggest using some fly-by-night retailer you have never heard of either.  But, shopping around is crucial if you want the very best discounts on your most often used products.

We have found that amazon are consistently the best priced source of Frontline Plus (and a few other flea treatments too). Updated – you can view one of our recent searches for the cheapest price for Frontline Plus in a more recent article.

Generic Frontline Plus

One of the benefits of generics is they tend to offer an even greater cost saving, over the original brands.  We have been seeing sales of Fiproguard Plus (a generic version of Frontline Plus, made by Sergeant’s Pet Care Products) slowly growing over recent months.

However, on the whole the prices offered for this particular generic pet medicine were really not that much different from a good low cost source of the branded original.  Generally we didn’t see much point in switching away from the Merial produced original, since the cost savings were so minimal.  However, we now have some rather exciting news, since Sergeant’s Pet Care Products are also producing Pronyl Plus.  This too is a generic version of Frontline Plus.  But, as it is being marketed at grocery stores and other cut price stores, it is being sold at a much lower price than the Fiproguard Plus product which is sold via specialist pet suppliers.

Confused?  Yes, we were a little too.  But if you check the pack details you can see that both varieties of generic Frontline Plus (Pronyl Plus and Fiproguard Plus) contain the same volume of the same active ingredients as the original (fipronil 9.8% and S-methoprene 8.8% for dogs, and fipronil 9.8% and S-methoprene 11.8% for cats).

Basically by choosing the product aimed at more discount stores, you can enjoy the benefits of Frontline Plus, but with a cost saving of around 40%, which is a discount worth actually opting for.


Best Deals on Frontline Plus

For the best deals on Frontline Plus simply click on the links below.  We are always comparing prices on pet meds and Frontline Plus, which is used so widely is one product we check again and again.

Click for Frontline Plus Best Prices

or read on for full details regarding this popular topical flea and tick treatment…

There are countless suppliers for pet meds online that promise great deals.  But so often the biggest names fail to really delivery the best prices on products we use so regularly.

cheap frontline pluscheap frontline plusThankfully you can buy Frontline Plus cheaply, and you don’t even need to deal with a new supplier you are unsure of.  The best deals today are with US Pets which is great because we trust them as a safe online retailer to deal with.  Clicking the images above sends you straight there to buy Frontline Plus for your cat or dog without any fuss.  Secure transactions, speedy and very cheap delivery all make for a great source of flea treatment for your pets.

Whether you are looking for Frontline Plus for Dogs or Frontline Plus for Cats and no matter what size animal you have this is where the very best deals on Frontline Plus are.  In fact for all manner of regularly used non-prescription Cheap Pet Meds they are always worth a look.  For more specialist, or less often used products the prices may not be quite so competitive, but for common items relating to canine and feline health-care they can offer some good choices.

If you’re looking for the best deals on Frontline Plus the chances are you are already familiar with the product and how easy and effective it is to use for flea and tick control.  But if you want to find out more about this top selling flea treatment have a look at our earlier articles about Frontline for Dogs and Frontline for Cats which are listed below.