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Cheap Frontline Plus for Cats

Cheap Frontline Plus for Cats is a simple way to ensure your cat stays parasite and itch free.  Frontline Plus is available here at the best price online without the need for a prescription.

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Proven to be a mild and safe form of flea and tick control, it comes in packs of three or six tubes.  Each one offers between one month and six weeks of protection from fleas, ticks and biting lice.

cheap frontline plus for catsA simple and safe topical flea treatment is the preferred method of flea control for many cat owners. Frontline Plus leads the way in total parasite control but targeting fleas in adult, larval and egg form, ticks and biting lice. During times of peak flea activity such as during the summer months Frontline Plus for Cats should be applied every 30 days. However during less active times for the flea population many pet owners find Frontline Plus can be used at six weekly intervals and still keep your cat flea free.

What Does Frontline Plus for Cats Do?

Once applied Frontline Plus topical flea treatment spreads itself around your cat’s entire body, using the sebaceous glands to provide complete protection against a wide range of parasites. This protection lasts at least 30 days if the product is used correctly.

  • Once applied existing fleas are destroyed within 12 hours.
  • Ticks are destroyed within 48 hours of coming into contact with Frontline Plus

Because Frontline Plus for Cats is an oil based topical flea treatment it is completely waterproof within 24 hours of application.

How to Use Frontline Plus for Cats

  • The liquid flea control comes in a simple tube. Once removed from its foil package you will need to snap the end of the plastic tube. Do this facing away from you to ensure you do not splash any of the contents onto yourself.
  • Now part the fur at the base of your cat’s neck, to reveal the skin. Place the nozzle onto the skin and gently squeeze to empty the topical flea treatment directly onto the skin of your pet. It needs to be in direct contact with the skin to ensure it is able to provide total body coverage and protection from fleas and ticks.
  • Keep an eye on your cat until the Frontline liquid is try, just to make sure they do not lick all that flea control away.
  • Then simply repeat this process on a monthly basis.

Frontline Plus for Cats – Considerations

Frontline Plus for Cats should be allowed to work for 24 hours before bathing your cat.

Kittens from 8 weeks of age can be safely treated with Frontline Plus. Younger kittens should be treated with Frontline Spray instead.

Both nursing and pregnant cats may safely be treated with Frontline Plus flea control.

Side effects are rare. The most likely (though still rare) occurrence is soreness or itchiness at the site of application. This should pass quickly but if it is prolonged or you notice anything untoward of course speak to your veterinarian.

Best Price Frontline Plus for Cats

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Though it is also possible to find generic Frontline Plus at some online pet medication outlets we see little point in opting for this product as Cheap Frontline Plus for Cats works out to be a better deal.

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