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Cheapest Price for Frontline Plus

One of the most popular products here is Frontline Plus. Hardly surprising really since nearly all pet owners understand the need for regular flea and tick control. And, when something so effective is discovered, owners are faced with many years of buying a product to ensure their pet remains parasite free.

It is no wonder then that so many people search for:

The Cheapest Price for Frontline Plus

In fact, it was one of the first searches I did when internet shopping was still in its infancy. After all, why spend more than you have to every month, just to keep fleas and ticks at bay?

So of course at the Online Pet Meds site, the price of Frontline Plus is something we keep a very close eye on. After all, the whole point of the site is to supply the very best deals on all your pet meds, and flea prevention is one of the most widely used. To this end, the staff regularly carry out price comparisons online. That way, we know we are always offering the cheapest Frontline Plus, from the most reliable source.

Price Comparison for Frontline Plus

Today (11th August 2011), we carried out a further Frontline Plus price comparison. Comparing prices for a six month supply of Frontline Plus for a medium sized dog (23 – 44lbs).

We searched the US based site for “cheapest price for Frontline Plus” to see what we would find. We look at prices from the top 5 retailers that sell directly from their website, and that are trustworthy. We ignore price-comparison sites and indirect affiliate sites completely.

The top results listed were:

  1. Number one for this search term was who sold kits including a large dose of the flea medication, for customers to split themselves to treat smaller animals. This might offer a significant price saving but seems particularly dangerous since over-dose would be all too easy. One of the things we like about the product, is that it is easy to use Frontline Plus, and we see no reason to make it more difficult or dangerous! For that reason we chose not to include the site in our price comparison, and instead added the sixth best ranking supplier.
  2. are selling Frontline Plus at $75.98 with free shipping.
  3. are selling the packs for $64.34 with free 2 day shipping.
  4. are selling packs for $75.99 with free shipping
  5. came in at $72.63 plus $7.99 standard shipping unless your total order value is greater than $100
  6. sell at $68.99 plus $4.95 standard shipping unless your total order value is greater than $85
Yet again, we have found amazon currently offering the very best deals on cheap Frontline Plus for Dogs, and that is why we still recommend them. One thing to remember with any amazon purchase, is that not everything listed on their site is sold by the store themselves. If the company are out of stock at any given time, you may find third party sellers are offering the products instead. Often these sellers are reputable pet medicine retailers themselves, and sometimes their prices are even better, but do check to avoid disappointment (the seller is always listed on the product details page).

Written by Karl

Cheapest Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline Plus for Dogs is the leading form of flea and tick control used today.  Produced by Merial it provides a simple and safe way of ensuring biting pests are not a problem for your canine pets.

Click for Frontline Plus Prices & Pack Sizes

Applied topically, directly to the skin Frontline Plus controls fleas at various stages of their life cycle ensuring there are never dormant flea populations in your home.  Combining a powerful tick repellent and killer with a monthly spot on flea treatment is particularly useful in tick prone areas, since ticks often bring more serious diseases and problems than fleas do.

cheap frontline plus canineAs we carry out random price checks on a wide range of pet medicines we are happy to say that the Cheapest Frontline Plus for Dogs is available here – simply click the link above for the full range of pack sizes and up to date pricing information.  Getting value for money on our flea control products is of course, extremely important.  After all these are pet meds that simply have to be bought and used on a regular basis.  Whilst some pet owners may get away with seasonal flea control, those in urban areas or warmer climates will generally need to use a flea treatment far more often.

Whilst price is key, we do always bear in mind that buying pet medications online should also incorporate using reliable and efficient suppliers.  It isn’t just price that is important.  Crucially getting your dog’s flea products when you need them, and at the high standard of quality you rely on are equally important.

Always buy the correct pack size for the weight of your dog to ensure the dose used is right for your pet.  This ensures fleas and ticks are controlled safely and efficiently.  You can find out much more about using Frontline Plus for Dogs in our earlier article.  It is extremely simple to use.  All you need to do is open the container and drop the small amount of liquid onto the skin of your dog.  For small to medium dogs this is best done between the shoulder blades.  Larger dogs may need the liquid applied at various points along their spine to speed up the absorption of the medication through the dog’s skin.  Full details and diagrams are included in each pack.

Buying the Cheapest Frontline Plus for Dogs can work out as even more economical than simply buying a discount form of flea control.  This is because  it often remains effective for longer than the 30 days quoted on the pack.  Many dog owners find that whilst monthly use may be necessary in the summer months, at times when fleas are less active the product may only be required every six to eight weeks.