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Cheap Pet Meds – Are They Okay?

One of the key questions we hear from pet owners, is whether it really is okay to buy cheap pet meds online. It is no wonder, since our first priority is usually to ensure the safety and good health of our pets. Of course then we wouldn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize either.

That’s why it is important to do a little research when first ordering on the internet. You need to deal with a store you can trust, and one that provides original products you are familiar with.

There are a huge number of reputable online retailers offering discount pet medicines, so choosing one will often be largely a matter of picking the one with the very best deals on the medications you need to buy. But what about those slightly smaller retailers that you haven’t heard about before? Are they trustworthy? And what about all those generic pet medicines they stock? Are they safe even though they are so much cheaper than the brand I already use?

Well, we hope that we take some of the pain out of making your first pet med purchases online. By researching the best suppliers (in terms of both reliability and price) you shouldn’t have to negotiate quite so many stores when searching for products.

We also have a wealth of information regarding generic pet meds, which I am happy to report are designed to copy exactly the brands you are familiar with, and so are just as effective and just as safe to use.

But, if you’re looking for something we haven’t yet sourced, what should you be looking for in a new supplier? Here are a few key things to keep in mind, that should hopefully ensure you make a successful purchase with a site you will keep going back to:

  1. Price check everything! This is really important, since a store that offers special promotions on one item, such as Frontline Plus for dogs, may not have the best prices on everything else on your shopping list.
  2. Check delivery charges too. Many sites will offer free, or reduced shipping rates if you spend enough money in one order, whilst others will offer deals for free future shipping with a small upfront cost. Make sure you have factored in the delivery when deciding where to place your order.
  3. Is the site secure? On pages where you have to enter payment details you should see that the site is properly secure. You should see the web address in your browser change to https:, rather than simply http: at the beginning. Also a padlock symbol will be displayed in your browser too.
  4. Contact details should be clear. Check there is an email and telephone number detailed so that you know who to contact in the case of any issues regarding your order.
  5. Trust your instincts. Hardly scientific, but often our instincts are spot on. If a site seems unprofessional, or contains conflicting information perhaps it is not all that it is trying to be.
For the most reliable service, range of products and low prices we tend to stick with one or two suppliers whom we recomend at the Online Pet Meds site.

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Discount Pet Meds Online

For pricing and pack sizes regarding the most popular products featured, click the links below:

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For detailed information regarding all the pet meds featured use the search feature or click the links at the side of the page.


Welcome to the Best Pet Meds Online site, made by pet owners for pet owners. We give you the lowdown on all your pets healthcare needs.

Here at the Online Pet Meds site we aim to bring you information on the best deals on all manner of pet medicines. Our hunt for Discount Pet Meds means we help you save money whilst still caring for your pets in the best way possible.

To use this site and find the best prices on all pet meds online is really simple. If you are looking for one information regarding a particular product just use the search bar. Or click the links to the side to view detailed information on each product along with where the best prices we have found are today.  You will see the full range of pack sizes available and different dose sizes for different animal weights where appropriate.

As well as carrying out regular price comparisons to ensure we link to the cheapest pet meds, we look for other ways to save too. One such idea we advocate wherever possible is to choose generic pet meds. Depending on just how old or new a particular drug is will determine whether a generic alternative is available. When we know a generic version will save you money we always supply information about that option. Sometimes, due to the nature of the ingredients used, a generic alternative will not actually save you much money. Frontline Plus for Dogs is a case in point. Being so widely used the branded version produced by Merial is actually often better value (if you find the best source) than the generic alternative which sells poorly.

As well as considering price when looking for discount Pet Meds we always think about reliability and service too. Buying Cheap pet meds should never mean settling for second best. Dealing with suppliers in Canada and the United States means we know quality control will be as high as you expect, and that the medications ordered will be the ones you get.

Delivery charges can vary enormously, so these must always be factored in when carrying out any pet med price comparison. Of course you can minimise this discrepancy by ordering the largest pack sizes that are practical for you to use before the expiry date. In fact clubbing together with fellow pet owners is a great way to make the biggest savings!

Even prescription only pet medicines can be bought easily on-line. Items such as Revolution heartworm medicine are often far cheaper on the web than at the average veterinary supplies store at home. To order prescription only pet medicines online simply place your order as usual, then follow the instructions on where to send your veterinary RX.  On receipt of the correct paperwork the pet pharmacy will confirm all is correct and send out your order. And if you don’t have a prescription to hand don’t worry. Just pass on the name and contact details of your vet and the customer service team will sort out all the paperwork themselves!

If you are looking for something slightly more unusual, just type the product you are after in the search box at the top right hand side.  Then you will find a list of all relevant articles. At the top of each article will be a link to where we currently suggest buying the product so again you just click to view all the pack sizes and current pricing options. Included within each article is information regarding the correct use of each pet medicine. Full instructions are always included within the pack and if you ever have any doubts you can contact a qualified pharmacist or vet for more information.

If there is anything you wish to know, or indeed any products not already mentioned you would like to find feel free to get in touch via the contact form at the side.

We aim to bring you the best Discount Pet Meds Online so Kitty and Fido stay healthy without your bank balance going into the red!

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Animal Essentials Enzymes and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

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Animal Essentials Enzymes and Probliotics for Dogs and Cats are a simple way to keep your pet’s digestive system in tip-top condition.

Click for Best Priced Animal Essentials Enzymes & Probiotics

or read on for full details about these helpful pet supplements….

As pets age their digestive systems often become less efficient at processing the foods we give them.  This can be in part due to less natural enzymes being produced by the body itself, and also an issue with the processing of pet foods leading to less natural beneficial organisms reaching the gut altogether.

Another instance that can be particularly disruptive to the natural order of the digestive tract is the use of anti-biotics.  Though great for dealing with bacterial infections they do have a tendency to destroy beneficial, as well as harmful, micro-organisms.  The result may be diarrhea or stomach upsets for your pet.

Animal Essentials – Enzymes and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

enzymes and probioticsContained in the Animal Essentials enzymes and probiotics formula are a range of natural plant based enzymes and probiotics.  In addition to boosting the pet’s system with beneficial bacteria necessary for good digestive health, the enzymes included help to break down carbohydrates, fats, proteins and cellulose within the stomach.  This basically means your pet is getting a little help digesting their dinner.

Whilst young and healthy animals should have all the beneficial organisms and enzymes they need, older animals and those with ill-health quite often do not.  Boosting their ability to process the food we give them can be a simple and totally natural way to improve their overall condition.  The active ingredients included in each serving of this pet dietary supplement are Alpha & Beta Amylase, Proteases, Lipase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Bromelain and the Probiotic – Bacillus coagulans..

Using this supplement could not be easier.  The product comes in granular form.  All you need to do is measure out 1/4 of a teaspoon per 30 pounds of the animal’s bodyweight.  Simply mix this into moistened food and let the pet do the rest.   As we have seen canine probiotics and probiotics for cats are not something that every pet owner needs to buy.  But for elderly animals and all round supplement containing both probiotics and enzymes can really help improve overall condition as nutrition is better absorbed.

Animal Essentials Enzymes and Probiotics are suitable for use in both dogs and cats and as it contains no sugar, fats, preservatives or lactose is great for animals of all ages and all manner of food intolerances.  This is a simple and natural over the counter dietary supplement rather than a pet medicine but as it can be so useful for improving pet health we thought it deserved a mention here at Online Pet Meds.  You can of course buy Enzymes and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats simply by clicking the links at the top of this article to benefit from cheap Animal Essentials products.