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How to Apply Topical Flea Treatments

Topical flea treatments such as Frontline Plus for dogs and Advantage for cats are extremely easy to use, but only once you know how!

The process is very straightforward though it can seem a little awkward until both you and your pet get the hang of it!

  1. Ensure you have the correct pack size that corresponds to both the weight and type of pet to be treated. It’s important to double check every time you use flea medicine if you have various types and sizes of pets in the family.
  2. Find somewhere comfortable. Small dogs and cats are most easily treated on your lap or on a counter-top or table. Larger dogs will need to stand still (easier said than done sometimes!).
  3. Part the fur to reveal the skin. This is best done at the base of the neck on cats, and between the shoulder blades on dogs.
  4. Open the capsule of liquid flea medicine and empty the entire contents directly onto the skin. Squeeze the capsule as you move it away to ensure every last drop is used up.
  5. For products such as Advantix used on larger dogs you may get better flea protection by applying the liquid to multiple sites along the spine from shoulders to the base of the tail (check the packet for instructions).

That’s all you need to do. Topical flea treatments are given a bitter taste, and with the application site being an awkward to reach area you shouldn’t have a problem with pets licking the medicine, but it is best to keep an eye on them till the liquid is dry.

It’s important to bathe your pet (or take them swimming) only once the product is completely absorbed and dry. The time this takes depends on the product being used, from a few hours to a few days, so do check the label.

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Advantage V Frontline Plus for Cats

The two most popular feline flea control products are Advantage for cats and Frontline Plus. But which one is the best? Well, it’s a difficult question to answer because both are excellent, and both have their place. There are plenty of similarities between the two products, as well a a few distinct differences. We will look at these points to help you choose the correct product for your cats.

The Similarities

So, what do Advantage & Frontline have in common?

  • Easy to use topical treatments that are safe and effective
  • Long lasting (you will never need to apply more than once a month)
  • Kill adult fleas and juveniles so helping prevent future outbreaks
  • Waterproof
  • Also destroy chewing lice
Okay then, how do the treatments differ?
  • They use different active ingredients. So if your cat is allergic to one (which is very rare) you might find they are fine with the other.
  • Advantage kills flea larvae as well as eggs and adults. Frontline Plus kills the adults, but prevents larvae, pupae and eggs developing so they die over time. Only adult fleas bite your pet.
  • Frontline Plus destroys ticks, this is an important difference as those of you living in tick country will know that a cat can quickly become over-run with these disease carrying parasites.
  • Advantage works slightly quicker, claiming to stop fleas from biting within 5 minutes. Within 12 hours virtually all fleas will be destroyed. Frontline Plus claims to take up to 24 hours to destroy all fleas.  New fleas which might jump onto your pet during the next month will be destroyed within 2 hours by Advantage, and within 24 hours by Frontline Plus.

In truth, whereas Frontline Plus for cats might be the perfect choice in one location, in another Advantage might be preferred. It will depend upon the local parasite population, the number of feral cats around and your own pet’s activities. It is a good idea to speak to your vet about which particular brand of flea control is working well in your location.

If your pet is particularly flea sensitive you might feel that the speedier results with Advantage are worth considering. On the other hand if ticks are a problem locally you would need to invest in a tick collar if you chose Advantage, so you would probably prefer to simplify things by choosing Frontline Plus instead.



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Advantage Flea Control

Bayer Advantage Flea Control offers a complete flea solution for dogs and cats.  Here at Online Pet Meds we have sourced the best priced Advantage for all our pets.  Click through for multiple options regarding the size of animal to be treated and the number of applications required.

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or read on for full details regarding this popular topical flea treatment…

A topical flea treatment, Advantage should be used every month to ensure your pets, home and yard remain flea free.  Provide an enjoyable, stress-free life for your pets with no more fleas now or in the future with regular use of Advantage Flea Drops.

advantage canine flea controlAdvantage flea treatment is one of the mildest, yet most effective methods of controlling fleas available today.  Recommended by vets and pet owners alike, Advantage offers long-term flea control for both dogs and cats.

Choose Advantage for Cats

You will need to select from the following color coded packs to keep kitty free from fleas:

  • Advantage Orange Flea Treatment for Cats up to 9lbs
  • Advantage Purple Flea Treatment for Cats over 9lbs

Choose Advantage for Dogs

There are four color coded packs to choose from when keeping Fido flea free:

  • Advantage Green Flea Treatment for Dogs up to 10lbs
  • Advantage Teal Flea Treatment for Dogs 11 to 20lbs
  • Advantage Red Flea Treatment for Dogs 21 to 55lbs
  • Advantage Blue Flea Treatment for Dogs over 55lbs

All Advantage flea medicines are available in packs of four or six monthly treatments.

Fast Acting Advantage Flea Medicine

advantage flea control for catsOne of the great things about Advantage Flea Medicine is how quickly it gets to work.  With so many dogs and cats suffering flea allergies it really is good to know you can get rid of these pests almost immediately.  Within minutes of being treated with Advantage Flea Drops your pet will be experiencing relief from these biting pests.

  • Within 5 minutes of using Advantage, fleas stop biting.
  • Within 20 minutes 99% of flea larvae are dead.
  • Within 12 hours 98-100% of fleas are dead.
  • Kills 100% of lice within a week.
  • New fleas are destroyed within 2 hours.
  • With the introduction Advantage II the product now prevents flea eggs from hatching as well.

Getting to work quickly Advantage Flea Medicine offers effective relief immediately.  Both cats and dogs can suffer flea allergies and flea bite dermatitis.  Their skin sensitivities can lead to almost constant scratching, over-grooming and even skin infections.  For them, fast flea relief is crucial and with Advantage it is simple.

Long Lasting Advantage Flea Control

Both fleas and lice are destroyed by imidacloprid, the single active ingredient in this topical flea treatment.  The active ingredient remains powerful for a full 30 days.  It is waterproof and does not need reapplying after swimming or bathing.

One application will offer complete flea and lice control for a full 30 days.    Any new fleas meeting a cat or dog treated with Advantage are killed within two hours.  Treat all your pets on the same day each month for simple, long lasting flea control.

How to Apply Advantage Flea Medication

Advantage is extremely simple to use.  First of all you will need to weigh your pet to find the correct colour coded pack to buy.  Advantage is sold in different dosages for cats and dogs of different sizes and it is important to use the correct pack to ensure your pet enjoys complete freedom from fleas for the entire month.  Once Advantage is placed onto the skin it gently spreads to cover the animal in flea prevention, stopping fleas biting within minutes.

Using Advantage Flea Drops

  • Take out one applicator tube.
  • Remove the cap, invert and turn, to break the seal on the tube of Advantage.
  • Take off the cap and you’re ready to use the flea drops.

How to Apply Advantage Dog Flea Treatment

  • Part the fur between the shoulder blades to reveal the skin and place the applicator tip onto the skin.
  • Squeeze the Advantage liquid applicator tube twice to expel the entire contents on the skin of your dog.  Avoid contact with eyes or mouth.
  • Large dogs (over 21lb) will need 3 or 4 separate applications from one tube, down the length of the spine from the shoulder blades to the base of the tail.

How to Apply Advantage Cat Flea Treatment

  • Part the fur at the base of the skull to reveal the skin and place the applicator tip onto the skin.
  • Squeeze the Advantage liquid applicator tube twice to empty the entire contents onto the skin at the base of the skull.  Avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

Applying Advantage Flea Medicine in this way makes it very difficult for your pet to rub or lick off the treatment (which would render it less effective).  In addition Advantage liquid is bitter tasting, which will deter them further.  If your cat does lick the liquid before it dries, salivation is common and nothing to worry about, being a reaction to the bitter taste. It is always a good idea to keep a watch on your dog or cat for 30 minutes after using any topical flea treatment while the liquid dries.

Benefits of Advantage Flea Solution

Bayer Advantage Flea Medicine has been used worldwide for over 12 years.  The results speak for themselves.  This is one of the best selling pets medicines because pet owners see no more fleas and keep buying more, while vets see how mild the product is, with no adverse effect on our dogs and cats.

Mild Flea Control

The key benefit of Advantage for dogs and cats is the key ingredient Imidacloprid.  This targets the nervous system of insects specifically and is unable to cause harm to larger animals making it effective but extremely gentle on our pets.

Convenient & Long Lasting Flea Control

Being a monthly topical flea solution, Advantage is extremely convenient and simple to use.  No more worrying about when the fleas will come back.  Use every 30 days and you simply will not see more fleas causing problems for your pets.

New fleas which jump on your dog or cat are killed within two hours of contact with their Advantage Medicine.

Rapid Flea Killer

Advantage kills virtually all fleas within 12 hours and stops fleas biting within minutes.  This means surprise flea infestations brought in by visiting pets, wildlife or visits to new flea populated places (the dog park is a prime example) are never a problem for long.

Fleas and Biting Lice Controlled

Lice can be just as much of a problem for our dogs as fleas causing extreme skin reactions.  Luckily Advantage flea medicine offers lice killing properties all month long as well as continually destroying fleas.

Breaking the Flea Life Cycle

By far the biggest problem with many flea treatments is they only treat the biting adult fleas.  But these are only the tip of the iceberg.  Each female flea will produce around 2000 flea eggs and these can remain dormant literally for months waiting for the environment to be right, and the animal hosts to be available before they molt into flea larvae and then adult fleas.

Advantage Medicine destroys adult fleas before they have time to reproduce.  Plus, it quickly destroys larval fleas before they get a chance to develop into biting adults.  This means the entire flea population in your pet’s location are controlled.

Because these Flea Drops destroy fleas so quickly before they reproduce, there is no chance of resistant flea generations being born, a problem with many older forms of flea pesticide.

Discount Advantage Medicine

Advantage Flea Medicine offers the best results when used year round so it makes sense to find the best priced Advantage to ensure you are not spending unnecessarily.  The links above offer the best prices available for Discount Advantage.  Buying from a licensed online pet med pharmacy ensures pet owners enjoy savings associated with high turnover and a wide choice of products.  But of course, prices vary considerably from one online pet med store to another which is why we regularly price check to ensure we are still offering links to the best deals for those looking from cheap flea treatments or any pets medicine. 

Advantage II Flea Control

Bayer have revised their formula since this article was first written. Advantage II contains an additional ingredient (pyriproxyfen). This is an insect growth inhibitor. So any eggs laid on your pet will be unable to hatch. This means that Advantage II is now even better at preventing future outbreaks of fleas than ever.