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Rimadyl For Dogs

Rimadyl for Dogs is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) that is used to treat various forms of pain.  From post-operative pain relief to the relief of pain associated with joint disease such as Canine Arthritis and hip displasia.  Rimadyl works to reduce the volume of pain producing hormones offering relief to dogs suffering many causes of pain.

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Rimadyl for Dogs is an FDA approved non-steroidal form of pain relief available only with a veterinary prescription.

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What is Rimadyl?

Rimadyl is the brand name for Carprofen which is a Non Steroidal, Anti-Inflammatory Drug or NSAID.  It reduces the hormones which cause pain for dogs.

It is prescribed by vets for use on canine patients experiencing many forms of chronic pain.   It is often used on a short term basis after surgery or dental work.  In the longer term Rimadyl is used for dogs with ongoing joint pain and illness such as hip displasia and arthritis.

Rimadyl for Dogs should only be used on the advice of a qualified vet.  A prescription will be required before Rimadyl can be dispatched to a private pet owner, and regular monitoring of your pet is important to ensure the Rimadyl is not causing your pet any harm, and is continuing to offer sufficient pain relief.

Rimadyl Side Effects

Rimadyl for Dogs is a relatively safe pain treatment.  However, as with any pets medicines there are occasional side effects or adverse reactions.  As this is an anti-inflammatory it should be used with caution alongside other anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin.

Most vets will insist on regular monitoring of any canine patient being prescribed Rimadyl.  In rare cases it can cause liver problems, and can worsen existing heart disease, blood pressure problems and ulcers.  Regular bloodwork will ensure the Rimadyl is still a viable drug therapy for your dog and that no problems are occurring.

Rimadyl side effects may include vomiting, diarrhea, dark stools, lethargy, fluid retention, dizziness.  Very rarely dogs experience allergies to Rimadyl which may include swelling of the lips, tongue or face and difficulty breathing.  If your dog experiences dark stools or allergy consult your vet before giving the next dose.

Most dogs given Rimadyl pain relief experience no complications.  Many dogs suffering from canine arthritis are given Rimadyl daily for years with no ill effect.

Considerations Prior to Using Rimadyl as Canine Pain Medication

Your vet will discuss your pet’s medical history prior ot prescribing Canine Rimadyl Pain Relief.  Important points to mention are a pre-existing allergy to aspirin or other NSAIDs, ulcers or abdominal bleeding, liver or kidney disease, fluid retention, bleeding disorders, heart disease or congestive heart failure and high blood pressure.

It is suggested that pregnant, lactating and breeding dogs do not be prescribed Rimadyl pain relief.

Alternative to Rimadyl

Neutraceutical supplements such as glucosamine or chondroitin such as Arthogen for Dogs and Cats are a common form of pain relief particularly for dogs suffering Canine Arthritis.  In addition alternative therapies such as acupuncture, weight-loss and physiotherapy may be used to improve joint health and reduce pain naturally.

Another Alternative to Rimadyl is to use a non-NSAID drugs, such as tramadol.  The most important thing to remember is that Rimadyl is a powerful drug with a good overall safety record. It should be used on the advice of a qualified vet who will continue to monitor the health of your dog to ensure firstly that Rimadyl is proving effective, and that it is a  suitable for your dog’s state of health.

Rimadyl Dosage for Dogs

The usual Rimadyl dosage for dogs is 2mg per pound given daily, or split as two seperate daily doses of 1mg per pound.  You should use Rimadyl under the supervision of your vet who will explain the correct dose to use for your dog.  Rimadyl is supplied in 25mg, 75mg and 100mg dosages.  Which one you use depends on the weight of your pet.

If you miss a dose or Rimadyl, give the missed caplet or chewable as soon as possible.  But if it is nearly time for your dog’s next dose, skip the missed one and continue with the next tablet as usual.  Do not double dose your dog’s Rimadyl medication.

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