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Rimadyl for Dogs Online

You can buy the Best Priced Rimadyl for Dogs Online through the link below.  The canine arthritis medicine will be shipped from a regulated pet pharmacy that deal with a huge range of pet medicines including both prescription and over the counter treatments.

Rimadyl Caplets & Rimadyl Chewables

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Rimadyl is stocked in a variety of pack sizes, doses and types of tablet.  Chewable tablets and caplets are available in packs of 60 or 180.  The dosage sizes include 25, 75 and 100mg.  In addition to branded Rimadyl, Generic Rimadyl (Carprofen) is also stocked.

Rimadyl (Carprofen) This wide range of Rimadyl Canine Arthritis Medicine ensures you get the best deal on whichever medication your vet has prescribed for your dog.  Of course you should only use such a pet medication under the guidance of your vet.  But with such long-term medicines it makes sense, to search for the cheapest supplies and purchase Rimadyl for Dogs Online rather than at the often significantly higher prices your vet will charge.

Buying Rimadyl for Dogs Online

As this is a prescription only medication you will need to simply forward the RX supplied by your vet to the online pharmacy once your order is placed.  On receipt of the copy the order will be shipped straight to your door.  Your vet will explain which dosage is required, and you can choose to buy smaller or larger quantities depending on your budget.  Bigger discounts usually apply, the larger pack size of such treatments are purchased.

As Carprofen has been used for a number of years in the treatment of pain, inflammation and fever in dogs it is now available in non-branded form.  Pfizer Animal Health developed the use of carprofen under the branded name Rimadyl but now other companies are able to use the same ingredient to produce their own generic version.  Choosing Generic Rimadyl (Carprofen) is another way to further increase your cost savings.  Though the active ingredient is identical and must adhere to the same regulations as the branded product, it is simple supplied in different packaging and may be produced by different manufacturers.  This means it is sold mroe cheaply but is medicinally identical to Rimadyl  caplets.

We would advise that your first supply of Rimadyl is small and obtained via your vet.  Then when both they and you are happy that your pet is responding well, with improved mobility and reduced pain, along with no sign of any reaction to the medication you would do well to buy online and benefit from the cost savings available.

As Rimadyl cannot cure your dog’s arthritis treatment will need to be ongoing to maintain their improved health.  Long-term medications such as this can be great for your dog but a strain on your pocket so it makes sense to buy the Cheapest Rimadyl for Dogs available.

Rimadyl and Prescriptions

Rimadyl is a prescription only medication. But don’t worry as you don’t need to buy Rimadyl without an RX to enjoy a swift and economical online purchase. Simply click the links above to chose the pack size required. Then fill in your vet’s contact details and the store will do the rest. They’ll co-ordinate with your veterinarian to arrange the prescription so you don’t have to bother with any of the paperwork yourself. Genius idea isn’t it?

What is Rimadyl for Dogs?

Rimadyl is the branded name for Carprofen.  This is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) used in the long term treatment of dogs with canine arthritis.  It works by targeting the hormones that your dog’s body produce that are actually causing pain and inflammation.

Rimadyl is used for the short-term management of pain in dogs after surgery or dental work.  In addition, dogs suffering from long-term pain such as that caused by canine arthritis or hip dysplasia can also be treated successfully.  For these dogs, treatment will need to be ongoing to maintain the benefits of reduced pain and inflammation since these problems are not cured, but managed by such drugs.

In general it is well tolerated by dogs.  However as with all NSAIDs side affects can occur.  Though usually minor issues such as digestive upset there are more serious health problems sometimes seen.  As such it is critical that you notify your vet immediately if any reaction is spotted.  Your vet should be monitoring your pet regularly anyway when being treated with such prescription pet medications.  You can find out more about the possible side affects associated with Rimadyl for Dogs in our earlier article.

Since there is no actual cure for canine arthritis if the product works to improve their health it will need to be used indefinitely.  In these cases it really does make sense to buy Rimadyl for Dogs Online to keep costs to benefit from the best prices and long term savings available.