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Revolution for Dogs

Revolution for Dogs is a topical Heartworm Medicine combined with long lasting Flea Control.

Revolution combined heartworm and flea control also tackles ear mites, sarcoptic mange and ticks. It provides a one product solution to fleas, ticks and heartworm prevention.

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Revolution is simple to use, being a topical or ‘spot on’ treatment.  No worries about pets who dislike medicines, simply drop the product onto your dog’s skin and allow to dry.  Your dog is then protected from a variety of parasites all month long.

Low Cost Revolution for Dogs

Revolution heartworm medicineOnce again, here at Online Pet Meds we bring you the lowest prices* available for your pet’s medicines.  After much price checking we have found the cheapest Revolution for Dogs.  Simply click the link above for up-to-date pricing information and full pack size details. Currently stock are the following, in various pack sizes:

  • Revolution Pink for Kittens and Puppies
  • Revolution Mauve for Dogs 5-10 lbs
  • Revolution Brown for Dogs 11-20 lbs
  • Revolution Red for Dogs 21-40 lbs
  • Revolution Green for Dogs 41-85 lbs

Low cost Revolution for Dogs still offers the same great deals as that bought at a more expensive store.  The six and twelve month packs include free Canex Allwormer so all your dog’s parasite prevention is covered.

Revolution Dogs No Prescription

Revolution Heartworm and Flea Medicine is a prescription only product in the US but don’t worry about the paperwork when the After Sales team are happy to worry about it for you!

Our favorite US pet med pharmacy simply ask you for the number of your vet and the name of your pet so that they can arrange for the prescription themselves. No running around for you and you get to enjoy FDA approved pet meds shipped legally within the US.

Discount Revolution Dog Meds

Here at Online Pet Meds we strive to offer the very best prices online.   When we price compare pet meds we look at delivery charges, prescription requirements and of course, most importantly price.  The best discount Revolution for Dogs is found via the links above.  Because the product is so popular huge quantities are sold regularly, meaning that economies of scale allow for even greater discounts that can be passed on to you, the pet owner.  And as you might expect the cats are not left out either with be the best priced feline Revolution too.

Revolution Flea Control

Revolution for dogs only uses one active ingredient; Selamectin, to control a wide range of pests affecting our pets.  Revolution flea control fights fleas in two ways.  Firstly, adult fleas are killed.  Secondly flea eggs are prevented from hatching.  This offers an effective long-term form of flea control.

Each adult female lays up to 1000 eggs, so the flea population can quickly get out of control if not tackled at multiple stages of the life-cycle.  Revolution controls fleas by destroying them quickly at both stages.

In addition to flea control, Revolution destroys ticks, ear mites and the biting lice causing sarcoptic mange.  With ticks spreading so many diseases, many pet owners now prefer to use a combined flea and tick control product.  Revolution flea & tick medication combats all these external pests with one mild active ingredient.

Revolution Heartworm for Dogs

Revolution for Dogs provides a simple topical heartworm medicine combined with flea and tick prevention.  Heartworm disease is difficult to treat but simple to prevent.

Once applied, the selamectin contained in Revolution heartworm medicine is absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream.  Here it destroys all heartworm larvae that have been contracted through and infected mosquito bite during the previous month.  These juvenile heartworms are expelled before they begin to cause any problems for your pet’s health.

As with any heartworm medication it is important your dog is given a heartworm test before beginning a regime of heartworm prevention.  Then if used year round, every 30 days Revolution will entirely prevent your dog contracting the disease.

When switching from some other heartworm medicine to Revolution, ensure the first dose is given 30 days after the last old medication was used.  This ensures a smooth transmission from the old product to Revolution Heartworm medication, and that the heartworm parasite is kept under control.

How to Use Revolution Dog Medication

Revolution Dog Medication must be used on a monthly basis, every 30 days to provide continual flea and tick control and to safely eliminate heartworm larvae.  Revolution for dogs comes in color coded packs, providing a different dose of the active ingredient, selamectin, depending on the size of your dog.

To use Revolution Dog Medication;

  • Ensure you have the correct sized dose for the weight of your dog.
  • Holding the tube upright, press down on the cap to break the seal.
  • Part the fur at the base of the neck to expose the skin.
  • With the tube directly touching the skin, squeeze three or four times to empty the entire contents onto the skin of your pet.
  • Remove the tube, ensure it is empty.
  • Repeat every 30 days.

To keep fleas under control in your home, all dogs and cats should be treated regularly.  Revolution for Cats is also available, offering heartworm prevention and flea control in one product.

Revolution for Puppies

Revolution is mild enough to be used on puppies from six weeks of age.  As fleas can quickly overwhelm small and young animals it is important to start a flea control regime at as early an age as possible.

Revolution Dog Benefits

Revolution Dog medication offers several benefits:

  • Simple to use, monthly product.
  • Non-greasy and quick drying.
  • Waterproof (you can bathe your dog 2 hours after using Revolution)
  • Combines Revolution flea & tick control with Revolution heartworm preventative.  Fewer products to buy and remember to use.
  • Safe to use on pregnant and nursing bitches.
  • Destroys wide range of parasites including ear mites, ticks and sarcoptic mange.

How Does Revolution Work for Dogs?

Once applied to the skin of your dog, Revolution is absorbed into the bloodstream and concentrates both there and in the tissue.  Here the active ingredient, selamectin gets to work destroying any larval heartworm parasites which have been passed to your pet by an infected mosquito bite during the previous 30 days.

Selamectin is also redistributed selectively from the blood to the skin of your dog.  Here it combats external parasites.  Destroying adult fleas, ear mites, biting lice and ticks and treating mange.  It also prevents flea eggs from hatching.  This flea and tick control lasts a full 30 days, so the product is only used on a monthly basis.

Considerations Regarding Revolution for Dogs

Revolution heartworm and flea control medicine is an extremely mild product, suitable for use on puppies from 6 weeks, and nursing or pregnant bitches.  Side effects are rare but the following considerations should be noted when using Revolution flea and heartworm medicine

Any seriously ill or underweight pet should not be given any pets medicines without first consulting with your veterinarian.

Always ensure your dog has been tested for heartworm disease before beginning a heartworm preventative program.

Always check the correct sized dose is being used for your dog’s weight to ensure heartworm prevention is 100% and that flea and tick control lasts.  If you give your pet a higher dose than recommended speak to your vet immediately.  Revolution for Cats is also available and should be used in a similar manner.

Side effects are extremely rare, with less than 1% of dogs experiencing stomach upset after using Revolution Dog Medication.  However, you should always monitor your dog after using any pet medicine and speak to your vet if sensitivities are manifested.  The most likely reaction, after digestive upset is temporary hair-loss at the site of application.  This is an allergic reaction to the carrier ingredients and rarely of serious concern.

Revolution for Dogs is a quick drying, non-greasy topical product.  Once dry you can cuddle and pet your dog as usual.  Bathing 2 hours after using Revolution heartworm meds has been shown not to affect the products effectiveness.

Buy Cheap Revolution Dog Meds

Have a look at the prices above and we are sure you will agree they are the best prices for Revolution for Dogs available.   As well as low prices you can enjoy the convenience of buying almost prescription free Revolution for Dogs, simply because the pet supplier sorts out all the paperwork for you.  A great deal on regularly used pet medicines such as this is always worth uncovering, and this is really one of the best.

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  1. please my dog needs cephalexin caps 500 mg.


    1 Jun 11 at 10:36 am

  2. Hi Roxy – You can order both generic and branded Cephalexin here.


    3 Jun 11 at 3:04 am

  3. How long does it take an order to arrive in the US?


    I would be ordering Revolution for a dog that needs it quickly…wondering how long it would take to arrive?


    24 Jun 11 at 8:57 pm

  4. @ RC – orders are shipped within 2 business days. All orders are shipped via Express Mail (similar to USPS Priority Mail), which usually takes under ten business days.


    24 Jun 11 at 11:32 pm

  5. Can we order from Canada on your site?


    26 Apr 12 at 11:34 pm

  6. Sorry Jackques – all the suppliers I have found dealing with Revolution without prescription, only ship to the US.


    26 Apr 12 at 11:36 pm

  7. I have a prescription form the vet and reside in Canada. I want a box of Teal Revolution. Will you ship to Canada?


    5 Jun 12 at 10:33 am

  8. Sorry Ed but the suppliers we have found only ship to the US.


    7 Jun 12 at 4:55 am

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