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Revolution for Dogs “Without Prescription”

Revolution for Dogs is one of the most popular heartworm preventatives. A simple to use topical treatment that deals with a variety of common parasites.

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Since this is a heartworm medicine you might assume you would need a prescription from your vet before purchasing.  Our preferred supplier sorts all the paperwork out for you so you can benefit from no prescription revolution for dogs. When you place your order leave the contact details for your vet (plus your pet’s name) and the store will arrange the RX so you don’t need to.

Revolution heartworm medicineThis means you get the security of ordering within the US (and receiving shipment via trusty USPS), meaning you get FDA approved meds which are registered for sale in the States. No need to look further afield and risk dubious suppliers to enjoy hassle free ordering of your heartworm meds.

It isn’t just Revolution for Dogs either, Revolution for Cats “without a prescription” is available too of course.

Revolution for Dogs

You can find out a lot more detail about how Revolution works and should be used in our earlier Revolution for Dogs post.  But here are the key points to remember when considering this particular dog medicine.

  • Should be used monthly.  If you have never used heartworm preventatives before speak to your vet about a heartworm test before starting to use.  If swapping from a different form of heartworm medication remember to give the first Revolution treatment 30 days after you used the last product.
  • Used every month Revolution will prevent heartworm disease by destroying any larval parasites that infect your pet during the month before treatment.  If you forget a treatment use the product as soon as possible and continue every month from this new date.  Do not double dose and if more than two months elapse betweeen uses speak to your vet about the possible need for an additional heartworm test.
  • Used every month Revolution controls fleas by killing adult fleas and preventing their eggs from hatching, throughout the 30 days after treatment.
  • Also kills American dog ticks, ear mites and the biting lice associated with sarcoptic mange.
  • Is safe to use on puppies from six weeks of age.
  • Mild enough to use on both pregnant and nursing bitches.
  • Waterproof and non-greasy.  You can bathe your dog after only two hours.

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