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Revolution for Cats “Without Prescription”

Revolution is fast becoming one of the most popular flea control products for pet owners today.  The reason, is that as well as acting as a simple to use topical treatment to control internal parasites, it also deals with those hard to treat heartworms too.

Revolution for Cats – Prices & Pack Sizes

If you simply want to order Revolution for your cat, without dealing with a veterinary RX click the link above to check out the great prices at our preferred supplier’s sales pages. Here we’ll have a little look at what Revolution does, and how to get it. It’s as easy as buying without a prescription! The sales team will arrange all the correct paperwork, before shipping your FDA approved pet meds via USPS.

Feline Revolution Parasite Control

Well, Revolution (made by Pfizer) is a topical parasite treatment.  This means you apply a capsule of liquid to the skin of your pet to keep them free from a range of parasites. Only one ingredient (Selamectin) is used, but it is powerful to act both internally and externally.

Once applied the liquid is absorbed into the blood-stream.  Once there, it safely destroys any larval heartworms found.  This is great news for cat owners, since if left untreated these may form into life threatening adult parasites which cause organ damage, and are impossible to treat safely in our feline pets.   In addition both roundworms and hookworms are removed from the digestive tract.

Selamectin is also transferred over the skin of the animal, via its oil glands.  This gives a flea proof coating that keeps working for 30 days or so.  As well as killing any adult fleas that come into contact with your pet, Revolution prevents flea eggs from hatching, further reducing potential flea infestations in the future.  Alongside flea control, selamectin is also able to deal with ear mite infestations which can otherwise prove difficult to treat, and extremely annoying for your cat.

Revolution and Prescriptions

The quandry concerning heartworm medicines and prescriptions rages on.  In the United States an RX is needed from your vet before purchasing any heartworm preventative.  However, in other regions the laws a little less strict, and those products safely used for some time (like Revolution) can be sourced as over the counter treatments.

Historically this has led to some US pet owners taking advantage of the differences in RX regulation as it is possible to purchase Revolution (also known as Stronghold) from a pet medicine supplier based overseas.  The rules, just like those for human medicines are a very gray area.  In theory such imports of prescription medications are illegal, since the goods are not labelled in accordance with FDA regulations as they are sourced outside the US.  And in practice there is always a risk of a hold at customs.

Most vets are more than happy to provide a prescription, and if yours is not you might want to consider a more helpful one! US based pet pharmacies have realised many pet owners were concerned that sorting out an RX would be difficult. Nowadays ordering online is so simple you will wonder why you didn’t do it before. Place your order, provide a little information about your pet and your vet, and wait for the delivery. The store will call your vet’s office and arrange for the prescription themselves, leaving you free to enjoy your pet rather than sorting out paperwork!

The reason the FDA are classifying heartworm preventatives as prescription only products, is that misuse can be dangerous.  You should be clear how to use any heartworm medicine, be sure you have the right dose for your type and size of pet, and know for certain that your pet is heartworm free before you begin treatment.