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Revolution Dog Medicine for Sale

Revolution Dog Medicine is a topical treatment that combines heartworm prevention with flea control.  In addition ticks, ear mites and sarcoptic mange are all treated with Revolution for Dogs.

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This is one pet medicine where you can save a significant amount by purchasing the product online.

Revolution Dog Medicine for Sale

Revolution heartworm medicineHere at Online Pet Meds we always strive to find the best prices on the entire range of pet medicines we discuss.  Prices for Revolution Medicine are extremely low.  Plus, there is the added benefit that the lowest prices* are also available without a prescription.  Click on the image above to select the pack size required and view up to the minute pricing details.

These prices are all exceptionally good value for money, being on average $15 cheaper than the best known pet med outlets.  With the current thinking being that all dogs should be given heartworm preventatives year round, it really does pay to find a cheap source of your dog’s medicines.  After all, a long happy life for your dog adds up to a whole lot of heartworm meds for you to buy.

For even bigger savings you can choose to buy twelve month packs of Revolution for Dogs.

These are not sale prices*, they are just the low prices we should expect from a Cheap Pet Med outlet.  If you have not used Revolution for your dog before you may wish to buy the smaller three month pack size.  Read on to find out more about using Revolution Dog Medicine.

About Revolution for Dogs

Revolution is a monthly topical treatment.  The liquid supplied should be applied to the skin of your pet every 30 days.  There is only one active ingredient used in Revolution, making it one of the mildest forms of heartworm prevention available.  This ingredient Selamectin is absorbed into the blood stream and surrounding tissue.  It is also redistributed via the blood, back to the skin’s surface.  Using the body to redistribute the product widely ensures both internal and external parasites are controlled.

Revolution Heartworm Prevention

Used each month Revolution Heartworm Medicine will ensure your dog never experiences the problems associated with this parasite.  It works by destroying any larval heartworms that are passed to your dog by a mosquito bite during the 30 days prior to use.

This is one of few heartworm medicines that may safely be used on pregnant and nursing bitches, and on puppies from six weeks of age.  All heartworm meds require regular use to guarantee their effectiveness.  Follow the link for more information regarding how to use heartworm medicine.

Revolution Flea Medication

Revolution Flea Medication uses a double pronged attack on fleas.  Firstly adult fleas that come into contact with your pet are quickly killed.  These are the biting pests so your pet is offered swift relief from this nuisance.  In addition any flea eggs are prevented from hatching.  This means fleas in and around your home are quickly brought under control.  Left untreated eggs can wait months before conditions are just right for them to hatch, so destroying these two gets rid of this issue and leads to complete long term pest control.

In addition to destroying fleas, ticks, ear mites and chewing lice are destroyed.  Though we tend to think of fleas primarily as the external parasites affecting our dogs, these three additional pests can pose a real threat to our pets health.

Combining heartworm prevention with flea control is fast becoming the preferred solution for many pet owners.  Using only one product for a variety of medications makes the process more simple to follow and cheaper overall.

No Prescription Revolution for Dogs

Revolution Dog Medicine is an FDA controlled pet medicine. The FDA have decreed that a prescription is required to purchase the product in the USA. Don’t let that concern you though. When placing an order with our preferred US based pet med pharmacy you’ll be asked for the telephone number of your vet, and the name of your pet. The after sales team will contact the vet’s office and arrange for the correct paperwork to be sent to them. It feels like you’re ordering Revolution without a prescription because you never have to bother with it yourself!

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