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Program Flavor Tabs – Oral Flea Control

Program Flavor Tabs are a monthly flea control tablet for use in both dogs and cats.  For cat owners there is the alternative of Liquid Program Oral Suspension.  Program flea medicine is a safe and effective long term method of flea prevention to be used each month on all dogs and cats in the home.

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Program Flavor TabsTo order just lick the link above to choose from the following pack sizes of Program Tabs for Cats and Dogs. Or read on for more information about this oral flea treatment.

  • Program Flavor Tabs for Dogs and Puppies up to 10lbs
  • Program Flavor Tabs Dogs and Puppies 11-20lbs & Cats and Kittens up to 6lbs
  • Program Flavor Tabs for Dogs 21-45lbs and Cats 7-15lbs
  • Program Flavor Tabs for Dogs 46-90lbs

Each discount pack contains a 6 month supply of flea control tablets.

Program Flea Medicine

While you may see adult fleas on your pets, there is a much larger flea population of eggs and larvae in your home and yard waiting to emerge. Each female lays up to 2000 eggs in her life-time so the total population can quickly get ‘out of hand’. Dealing only with adult fleas means you always have new fleas emerging ready to bite your pets. Program flea medicine deals with this issue, by instead destroying juvenile fleas before they have time to cause a problem.

These tabletss use an insect development inhibitor which safely stops flea eggs and larvae growing any further. Within a few months the entire juvenile flea population in the area are destroyed as they come into contact with the dog treated with the tablets.

Used every 30 days you will see a rapid decline in the fleas affecting your pets. Program may be used in the warmer months of highest flea activity only. But, as juvenile fleas are able to stay dormant for long periods of time, for best results they should be used year round.

As using Program for dogs does not kill adult fleas you may occasionally see new fleas on your pet. These will have been met away from your home, or brought in by an untreated animal. These new adults will quickly die off, unable to produce viable offspring due to the use of Program Flavor Tabs. Depending on the number of fleas involved and the level of fleas sensitivity of your pet you may wish to use a conventional flea ‘adulticide’ occasionally to eliminate these new parasites. Capstar flea tablets are recommended as they rapidly destroy all adult fleas on your pet, but you could use any other flea treatment product.

This flea treatment is suitable for use on puppies and kittens from four weeks of age. Depending on the size of your pet there are two different doses available for cats and four for dogs. Program flea tablets come in the form of a tasty beef flavoured tablet which should be given alongside a meal for complete absorption.

Low Priced Program Flea Tablets

Here at Online Pet Meds we aim to find the lowest prices on a wide range of pets medicine. Above you will find links to discount Program flea meds for both dogs and cats. Prices are currently the lowest available, and the reliability is unrivalled, so why pay more for your dog’s flea treatment?

Using Program Flavor Tabs

Monthly Program Flea Medicine

Program flea tablets should be used once a month, preferably on the same day. Simply place the beef flavored tablet into your pet’s mouth, and once swallowed offer them there usual meal. Alternatively you can hide the flea medicine in a little of their favorite food. Keep a watch over your pet to ensure the entire treatment is swallowed.

To ensure long-term flea control Program flea pills should be used every 30 days and all pets in the home should be treated.

Effective Flea Medicine

Studies show that in homes where pets are treated year round on a monthly basis Program will keep fleas at bay. In a three year study by Novartis, 100% of pet owners who used Program year round on their dogs and cats were completely satisfied with its effective flea control formula.

Safe Flea Program for Dogs and Cats

Program flavor tabs may be given to puppies and kittens from four weeks of age. With over 250 million doses of lufenuron being used worldwide over eight years, and the approval from the FDA, Program flea control has proved safe for both dogs and cats.

Using Program with Flea Treatments

Regular use of Program flea tablets will generally bring the local flea population in under 60 days. However other animals or locations visited may result in new adult fleas being spotted. These will die without being able to reproduce so in small numbers will not be a problem. However if your pet is particularly sensitive to fleas it is a good idea to keep a conventional flea adulticide such as Capstar to hand to destroy these pests.

Program Flavor Tabs may be used safely with any other form of cat or dog flea treatment. For those preferring a liquid treatment, there is also Program Oral Suspension liquid available.

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