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Previcox for Dogs

Previcox caninePrevicox for Dogs is a treatment for canine arthritis and joint pain that offers a more mild approach.  Effective but being of the Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) class of pet medicines, it forms a more practical long-term method of dealing with joint pain and stiffness than more old-fashioned steroid treatments.

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You can Buy Previcox by clicking the link above.  The store we have found offers the best prices for this arthritis treatment for dogs dispenses the product via their qualified pharmacist.  Being a prescription pet medicine you will need to send them a copy of the RX your vet supplies when placing your order.  On receipt of the required prescription your order will be shipped.

Purchasing such prescription pet meds online is a simple way to reduce costs on your dog’s health care.  The products are exactly what your vet would provide.  But as such online retailers have such a large customer bases they can benefit from reduced costs they can then pass on to you the customer.  Since any dog treated successfully with Previcox tablets is likely to need ongoing treatment to maintain their improved state of health it makes sense to choose the cheapest source for their supply of pet medicines.

Buying Previcox for Dogs

Previcox is supplied in bottles of 30 or 60 tablets.  There are two different sized doses of tablet; 57mg and 225mg.  Each contains the according volume of the sole active ingredient Firocoxib.  Your vet will prescribe the right dose depending on the size and needs of your pet.

By purchasing the larger packs of 60 tablets you will benefit from even greater price savings.  It makes sense to ensure your dog is responding well, using a small quantity from your vet initially.  Once they and you are happy that the dog is improving due to treatment and is not experiencing any adverse reactions to their new medication it pays to switch suppliers to benefit from cheaper pet medicines online.

Prescriptions and Previcox

If you’re looking for Previcox without a prescription please stop now! This is an RX only pet medicine but that doesn’t make it difficult to buy online. Our preferred supplier (linked to above) will sort out all the paperwork on your behalf. Just provide your vet’s details and they’ll get the RX for you making the online purchase smooth and efficient as well as cheap.

What is Previcox for Dogs?

Previcox is supplied as a chewable tablet.  It may be given either with or without food with equal results.  Its one active ingredient Firocoxib is an anti-inflammatory that offers swift relief from swelling and the subsequent pain associated with arthritis in dogs.

It will not cure arthritis as sadly nothing can (yet).  But for those dogs that respond favorably to its use, Previcox tablets tend to bring really quick results.  In studies, and in customer reviews of the product pain can be seen to be noticeably reduced in as little as a few hours of the dogs first tablet.  Inflammation is usually seen to be reduced in a few days.  Once a dog is seen to show improvement in mobility and comfort this treatment will need to be continued to maintain their new better condition.  If treatment is stopped the symptoms will return as the disease itself has not been cured.

The use of such NSAIDs must be done under the supervision of your vet.  Whilst many dogs enjoy a much improved life with such treatments, there are possible side affects both minor and potentially severe, so any change that causes you concern should be checked with your vet immediately.  You can read more about such issues in our earlier Previcox Canine Arthritis Treatment post.

As of yet there is no Generic Previcox for Dogs medication available, so this is the only treatment to use Firocoxib to manage canine arthritis in our pets.