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Pet Medications for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Canine and feline arthritis is extremely common, particularly in older animals or those with particularly active lives.  But younger pets can experience joint pain too.  Often this will be caused by strain, injury or perhaps an operative procedure.  Whether a short-lived symptom or a long-term illness there are pet medications available online to ease the pain and improve mobility for our pets.

If you suspect pain in the joints of your pet your vet should be advised.  Signs include an unwillingness to go out for the usual walk, taking a long time to become mobile in the morning, difficulty with stairs or jumping, grumpy behavior when being asked to move around or difficulty standing after laying down.  It is usually simple to see a change when we spend so much time with our pets but the actual cause could be one of numerous possibilities.  Your vet can use your observations and their own examination in conjunction with x-rays and so on to really get to the bottom of the problem.

A wide range of pet medicines and pet supplements are available online to help such pets.  Your vet may prescribe or suggest some and you may discover others through your own research.  Whilst most pet medications specify whether they are suitable to use in conjunction with other products, your vet will know more easily how various products interact, so when using more than one medicine for your pet make sure your vet knows what you are already using.

Whether a prescription or over the counter pet med is needed makes no difference.  Both can be bought easily online so you can search for the best prices.  Obtaining the cheapest pet medication when looking at long-term care such as the ongoing treatment of feline and canine arthritis means long-term savings for you.

The most widely used pet medications for pet arthritis and joint pain include steroids which should really only ever be taken under close veterinary guidance and can have a negative impact on the health of your pet particularly when used repeatedly and on a long term basis as is so often the case.

Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are growing in popularity.  Products that require a prescription and tend to be used on a long term basis.  For most pets they offer a milder and safer method of reducing inflammation and pain.  Products such as Rimadyl, Deramaxx and Previcox are popular and offer relief to many pets.

In addition to these prescription pets medicines, over the counter Joint Supplements can offer relief for dogs and cats suffering both long term pain from arthritis and short term problems of joint pain associated with injury.   Joint Supplements such as Phycox Soft Chews, Arthogen and Cosequin give pet owners a chance to manage pet arthritis and pet pain with minimal chance of side effect.

Whichever pet medications you choose to manage your pet’s arthritis or your pet’s joint pain care must be taken to observe your pet closely to determine what is working as different cats and dogs respond better to different medicine for pain and inflammation.