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Panacur C Wormer

Panacur C is a canine de-wormer that deals with a variety of intestinal parasites. For the best deals on-line see the link below:

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The granules use fenbendazole which targets a range of parasites including;

  1. Large Roundowrms
  2. Whipworms
  3. Hookworms

The medication also destroys some tapeworms, making it a very broad spectrum dog de-wormer.

However, Panacur C is unable to remove the most common tapeworm affecting dogs which is transmitted by fleas. For this reason, it is imperitive that a reliable form of flea prevention, such as K9 Advantix is used regularly.

To work properly, the granules will need to be used for three consecutive days. If the infestation is particularly severe, a further treatment the following weak will be required – your vet will be able to advise you.

Panacur is a prescription free, over the counter de-wormer. It is usually advised that you treat your dog every six months or so to prevent re-infestation. It will though depend on the life-style of your pet, and your location, whether your dog is likely to suffer intestinal parasites regularly. We suggest talking through the risks in your circumstances with your vet and following the worming schedule they advise.



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