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Oral Suspension – Liquid Program for Cats

Liquid Program, Cats Oral Suspension is an oral flea treatment specifically for use in cats.

Program Oral Suspension offers a mild and long-term approach to flea control for our cats.  With most of the flea population around us being juvenile fleas it makes sense to target these.

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Fleas reproduce at an alarming rate and the only way to offer a total flea solution is to look at eliminating them before they can breed and threaten our pet’s future wellbeing.

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Oral Suspension – Program for Cats

This cat flea treatment targets flea eggs. The product is a liquid containing the active ingredient lufenuron. Each month Program should be mixed with a few spoons of food and given to your cat orally.

From then on, any fleas which bite your pet will absorb the lufenuron. The active ingredient is then passed into any eggs the flea lays. As lufenuron is an insect development inhibitor, it will prevent any eggs maturing, effectively stopping the flea life-cycle.

As Program flea treatment only targets immature stages of fleas, the biting adults will need to be dealt with in an alternative way. The most usual way is to use the sister product, Capstar flea control or an effective spray such as Frontline Spray whenever adult fleas are found.

As Program for cats is used each month, the local flea population will soon be seriously weakened. After three months or so, all juvenile fleas in and around your home should have been destroyed. Then, the only flea problem your cat faces is new adult fleas from outside your property, and these are quickly dealt with by Capstar which will kill them before they have time to lay more eggs.

Liquid Program is suitable for cats from 6 weeks of age. It comes in two pack sizes, one for cats under 10lb and one for cats 11lb to 20lb. For larger cats packs will need to be split to make up the correct dose.

Using Program Oral Suspension for Cats

Monthly Cat Flea Treatment

Liquid Program Oral Suspension should be used once a month, preferably on the same day each month. Simply mix the monthly dose of liquid with two tablespoons of your cat’s food. To encourage cats to take their flea medicine Program may be mixed with something your cat really enjoys such as a few spoons of tuna or sardine oil. Once your cat has taken their medicine, follow up with their usual meal to ensure complete absorption of the flea medicine.

To keep fleas at bay Program Oral Suspension should be used every 30 days and all cats and dogs in the home should be given Program oral flea control.

Effective Cat Flea Medicine

Program flea control should be started before the onset of the flea season, with regular monthly treatment continuing until flea activity has ceased. For best results Program liquid or tablets should be used every 30 days year round.

Studies by the manufacturer’s Novartis show that 100% of pet owners who use Program flea treatments are satisfied with the flea free results.

Safe Oral Flea Control

Kittens from six weeks may safely be treated with Program Oral Suspension. Novartis quote 250 million doses of Program flea control have been used for over eight years worldwide, proving this is a safe cat flea treatment. Lufenuron has been approved by the FDA for use as a pets flea medicine.

Using Program With Other Cat Flea Treatments

Because Program oral flea control does not kill adult fleas, your cat may occasionally pick up new fleas from outside. These new fleas will quickly die off, unable to reproduce because of the insect development inhibitor in Program liquid.

Depending on the flea numbers involved you may wish to use a conventional flea adulticide on a temporary basis. Capstar flea tablets are recommended by the manufacturer, but any other cat flea treatment is safe to use in conjunction with liquid Program flea control.

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