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capstar faqWith Capstar Flea Control growing in popularity we at Online Pet Meds thought it would be useful to add a Capstar Flea Q&A page to the site.  If you have a question not discussed below please feel free to leave your question in the comments section and we will endeavour to find an answer for you.

Capstar Flea Control Q&A

How quickly do Capstar flea tablets work? Fleas begin dieing within half an hour.  For dogs, around 90% of adult fleas will be destroyed within 4 hours.  For cats, this takes around 6 hours.

How long does Capstar flea treatment remain effective? Capstar pills offer 24 hours of protection from fleas.

What does Capstar flea control do? Capstar destroys all adult fleas which come into contact with your pet during the 24 hours following use.

Where can I buy Capstar flea tablets? Here at Online Pet Meds.  Simply use the links at the side, for a wide range of discount flea treatments.

What about flea eggs and larvae? They will not be destroyed by Capstar flea tablets.  It is recommended that Capstar be used in conjunction with the monthly flea tablet Program, or another longer lasting flea treatment, to destroy the junvenile flea population.

Can I use Capstar flea tablets with other dog and cat flea treatments? Yes, many pet owners keep Capstar flea to hand as it offers such rapid relief from fleas, particularly useful for pets with severe flea allergies or flea dermititis.  But, they also use a long lasting flea treatment such as Frontline or Advantage flea drops or monthly Program oral flea tablets.

Is Capstar flea medicine safe? This is an extremely mild pet medicine, safe to use on breeding and nursing queens and bitches.

How often can I give my pet Capstar flea tablets? If the flea infestation is large and recurring you can safely use Capstar every day.  In fact they are known as a daily flea tablet.  Though, you should not need to use them more than once or twice a week during peak flea season, if used in alongside Program monthly flea control.  If used in conjunction with long lasting flea drops such as Advantage or Frontline, Capstar flea treatment may be kept for emergency use only when flea infestations are large and rapid.

I’m not sure if my pet swallowed their Capstar pill? Don’t worry, your pet can safely be given a second pill, if you are unsure whether they ingested the first one.

Are there any side effects? Your pet may scratch or ‘dance around’ after using Capstar.  This is a result of the activity of so many fleas dieing so fast, irritating your pet, not a result of the oral flea treatment itself.

Is Capstar flea treatment for dogs or cats? Both cats and dogs may be treated with these daily oral flea tablets.  Just check you puchase the correct pack for the size of your pet.  Capstar flea tablets come in two pack sizes; one for cats and dogs 2lb to 25lb and another for dogs 26lb to 125lb.  Larger dogs will need to be given additional part or whole tablets depending on their size.

Do I need a prescription for Capstar flea tablets? No this is an over the counter product.

If you have another question regarding Capstar Flea control, feel free to leave a comment here at Online Pet Meds and we’ll see what we can find out for you.

Written by Karl

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  1. my maltipoo is 10 weeks old can i use frontline to kill the fleas? i tried bathing her with the dawn dish detergent and i noticed a couple of fleas. i combed her thoroughly and didnt see anymore. however she is still scratching near her ear and legs. HELP!! what should I use??

    deborah scott

    27 Aug 11 at 3:20 am

  2. @ Deborah – yes Frontline can be used on puppies and kittens from 8 weeks of age so it will be fine for you to use.


    27 Aug 11 at 3:36 am

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