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Nuheart Heartworm Tablets – Discount Heartworm Preventatives

Easy to use, and easy on your pocket, Nuheart soluble heartworm tablets are a great way to keep your dogs free from heartworms.  Here at the Online Pet Meds site we are always looking for great deals on a range of Dog Medicines.  After all, buying pet medicine at low prices is the best way to ensure all dogs get the healthcare they deserve, and we can afford.

Nuheart is only licensed for sale in Australia. US pet owners should choose Heartgard or Triheart Plus.

Aussie pet lovers read on for full details regarding this generic heartworm medicine…

Nuheart Heartworm Tablets are one surefire way to ensure the bank book is not troubled by your pet’s health.

NuheartNuheart tablets are economical as a Generic Heartgard Alternative.  Each tablet provides exactly the same medicinal value as Heartgard heartworm pills, but at a fraction of the cost.

Buy Discount Nuheart Tablets

These generic heartworm pills offer savings of around 50% when compared to the branded equivalent.  The medicinal value of the product though is identical.  By FDA regulations (and similar international bodies) any generic pet medicine must be interchangeable with the branded version.

Using Nuheart Heartworm Pills

Nuheart are a monthly heartworm pill.  Used every 30 days they remove any juvenile heartworm parasites contracted from a mosquito bite during the last month.  Used regularly they provide complete heartworm prevention.  There is no problem using Nuheart alongside your dog’s other medications.  The only proviso is that you do not use another method of heartworm preventative alongside these heartworm tablets.

Nuheart pills are provided in a beef flavored tablet that most dogs will take happily.  They may be mixed with food to encourage their acceptance but do double check to ensure the whole tablet is consumed.

Each color coded pack of Nuheart is designed to provide adequate heartworm protection for different weights of dogs.  Thus, it is important to ensure you are using the right dosage for the size of your pet.

When switching from another form of heartworm prevention to these, you simply need to give the first Nuheart tablet one month after the last time you used the old preventative.

If you have never given heartworm preventative medicine to your dog, be sure to speak to your vet about having a heartworm test carried out.  This ensures your dog is not already positive for the disease and that prevention will be effective.  Once you start using these preventatives you will not need a repeat test unless you stop using the product for more than two months.

If you forget to use your dogs Nuheart pills be sure to give the missing tablet as soon as possible.  Then continue giving the medication every 30 days from this new date.  Only if more than two months elapse between treatments should you need to consult your vet regarding another heartworm test.

Nuheart, use exactly the same active ingredient as Heartgard, to offer safe and effective prevention of the disease in all breeds of dog.  Side effects at the recommended dosage are extremely rare.  It is usual to treat pregnant or nursing bitches and ill or underweight dogs with caution, so consult your vet prior to using heartworm pills on such pets.

Nuheart Medication No Prescription

Ivermectin based heartworm pills such as Nuheart are available for sale as OTC medications in Australia.

More details about Heartworm Pills including Nuheart Heartworm Prevention may be seen through the link.