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K9 Advantix II

To protect your dogs from the widest range of external parasites choose K9 Advantix II. This is the most up-to-date full spectrum method of flea and tick control available for dogs.

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K9 Advantix II Flea & Tick Control

k9 advantix iiDealing with fleas and ticks is paramount for most pet owners, but there are more external pests that can be troublesome (or even downright dangerous in certain cases).  Advantix tackles the widest range of external parasites, of any leading spot on flea treatment.

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies and lice are all controlled using Advantix II.  And, whilst other flea control products deal with those pests in direct contact with our pets, Advantix II repels them too, so fewer ever come into contact with your dog.

Advantix II v Frontline Plus

You can see from the illustration below how much more K9 Advantix II will do for your pet dog:

Advantix II v Frontline PlusWhether you need all this extra protection, will depend on where you live.  For many pet owners a more simple formula such as Frontline Plus for dogs will be more than adequate.

Like Frontline Plus, Advantix II does not simply kill the biting adult fleas that cause most of the concern.  Immature fleas are also targeted, using an insect development inhibitor which ensures juvenile fleas do not develop into the adults which breed and bite.

But if mosquitoes and biting flies are problematic in your region, or if they are known to harbour diseases such as Leishmaniasis.  Of course even if such insect borne diseases are unknown where you are, the presence of biting flies can be both stressful and problematic, since pain and infection are not uncommon when bitten regularly by these annoying parasites.

The ability of Advantix II to prevent flying insects from biting is high.  However, you should not consider its use as a protection against the heartworm parasite (passed from mosquitoes), since you can never ensure 100% of mosquito bites will be prevented.  An additional heartworm medicine such as Heartgard Plus should be part of your monthly parasite control regime.

K9 Advantix v Advantix II

As a previous user of K9 Advantix you may be wondering how Advantix II differs.  Well, it is simply the addition of the insect growth inhibitor that now prevents any flea eggs, larvae or pupae from being able to develop any further.  Since these juvenile insects will now die before they are able to become the adult fleas which bite and breed, you will bring future potential flea outbreaks under control, as well as dealing with the current problem.

Bayer are no longer marketing original Advantix in the US.  There will of course be a period of time when stocks of the original formula remain in circulation, but slowly it will become impossible to buy, as stores new stocks are replenished with new K9 Advantix II.