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Is Your Dog Suffering from Canine Arthritis?

arthritis in dogsFirst of all, if you think your dog is suffering from canine arthritis today, get yourself and your dog down to your veterinary office to find out.  But, before you go have a look at some of the symptoms of arthritis for dogs to find out more about the condition.

Carrying out some more research I was shocked to discover that the Arthritis Foundation believe up to one in five of all adult dogs in the United States suffer from arthritis.  Canine arthritis is usually osteoarthritis but there are several different types of the condition common in dogs.

Arthritis – Canine Symptoms

There are several different forms of arthritis for dogs, some more common in certain types of canine.  But, with all arthritic dogs the key to managing the problem is first of all, diagnosis.

The following are some of the most common symptoms of arthritis for dogs:

  1. Being less enthusiastic about going out for walks.
  2. Less general activity – less interest in play.
  3. Hesitant about jumping, running or negotiating stairs.
  4. Favouring one limb, or showing signs of lameness.
  5. Inflammation of the joints.
  6. Showing signs of stiffness, particularly on waking.

Of course these can be general signs of slowing down with old age, but if you notice a change in behavior it is best to check with your veterinarian.  They will manipulate the joints to find out more and possibly take x-rays to confirm the onset and degree of canine arthritis.

The future need not be too bleak for a dog suffering from canine arthritis.  There are several approved treatments available.  But, this is one condition where pets medications are not the most important thing.  A lot can be done to improve you pets condition through diet and exercise.  As long as an arthritic dog is treated carefully he should be able (and in fact is likely to improve) to enjoy gentle walks and swimming.  Most importantly arthritis for dogs is much more severe in overweight animals, so diet should be strictly monitored.


Written by Karl

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