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Interceptor for Dogs

Interceptor for Dogs is one of the leading preventative heartworm medicines for dog.  Given as a tasty flavor tabs most dogs happily accept this is a prescription only product.  Interceptor Heartworm meds use Milbemycin oxime to prevent heartworm disease and control hookworm, roundworm and whipworm.

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Preventing heartworm and other internal parasites is the job of Interceptor Flavor Tabs, and they will guarantee your dog does not get heartworm disease, if used correctly.  If you would like to combine a flea control formula with heartworm prevention you might like to consider their sister product, Sentinel for Dogs.

Interceptor Spectrum

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Milbemycin oxime based heartworm pills are the preferred method of oral heartworm prevention by Collie owners due to a rare genetic predisposition to ivermectin allergies in Collies and Collie breeds.

Interceptor Flavor Tabs for dogs are a prescription only medicine in the US.  Our favorite pet med pharmacy will sort out the RX for you. Just leave them your vet’s telephone number when placing your order and they’ll call them up for a valid prescription on your behalf.

As with any heartworm meds please ensure your dog is up-to-date with their heartworm medication. If there has been any delay in getting their monthly dose, speak to your veterinarian regarding the need for another test for the disease before continuing treatment.

Interceptor Heartworm Prevention

Interceptor are licensed as a preventative dog heartworm medicine.  Given each month, the active ingredient destroys larval heartworm parasites before they can cause any problem for your pet.  Ideally monthly heartworm pills such as Interceptor heartworm preventative should be given on a monthly basis year round.  But in some areas vets suggest using during the mosquito season and one month after the season ends, only.   If you are considering such use speak to your vet about the relative risk of heartworms in dogs in your locality.

Prior to beginning any course of heartworm medicine, dogs should visit the vet for a heartworm test.  If switching from a different heartworm preventative to Interceptor use your new Interceptor Flavor Tabs 30 days after the last old preventative, to ensure continual guaranteed prevention of the disease.

How Interceptor for Dogs Works

Only one active ingredient (Milbemycin oxime) is contained in Interceptor Flavor Tabs.  This works by disrupting the neural transmission in the nervous system of parasites.

Once the tablet is given, the heartworm preventative destroys any tissue stage heartworm larvae found in the blood system.  In addition it is absorbed into the gut where it can destroy adult intestinal parasites, destroying adult hookworms, roundworms and whipworms.

Interceptor for Dogs is the only heartworm preventative tablet destroying all four parasites at once.  They form a convenient method of internal parasite control for many dog owners worldwide.

Interceptor Flavor Tabs

Because so many pets can be so fussy when it comes to pets medications, Novartis have incorporated an effective heartworm pill into Interceptor Flavor Tabs.  Studies by the manufacturers have shown 95% of dogs happily accept this palatable form of heartworm prevention, not something likely with a plain old chalk tablet.

Of course if your dog is one of the awkward 5% it is fine to mix up Interceptor with their favorite food instead.  Just be sure to watch your pet to ensure they swallow the whole tablet.  If they do not you may need to redose them.

Interceptor Safety

Novartis Interceptor Flavor Tabs have been given FDA approval as a sound method of preventing heartworm disease.  They have been used worldwide for over 15 years with no problems noted, and can be given to puppies from four weeks of age.

They key to Interceptor Safety is ensuring your pet is not already suffering from heartworm disease.  So if your pet has not been taking heartworm preventatives previously speak to your vet about a test for the disease before using this or any other heartworm pill.

Interceptor Side Effects

Side effects after using Interceptor Flavor Tabs are extremely rare.  But, as with any pets medicine you should know what to look out for.  The following adverse reactions have been occasionally reported in dogs:  lethargy, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, convulsions, weakness and hyper-salivation.

Most common adverse reactions are found in dogs which have a high number of microfilariae in their bloodstream.  This is most likely an allergic reaction to the destroyed and dieing larvae releasing proteins into the bloodstream.  It is important to have  a test for the disease before starting to use heartworm preventatives.

Of course if adverse reactions persist it is wise to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Interceptor, Frontline and Other Pets Medicines

Interceptor is safe to use alongside other pets medicines.  Interceptor, Frontline, Advantage and so on will not interfere which each other or cause any problem for your pet.

Interceptor has been tested on dogs taking a wide range of medicines including steroids, vaccines, antibiotics, flea collars, shampoos and dips.  There was no interaction found between the different dog medicines and Interceptor.

Discount Interceptor Flavor Tabs

The prices we found are extremely low, we regularly compare prices on a wide range of pets medicines.  Remember the larger the volume you buy, the greater the savings.  So, for example buy a 12 tab packet and you will save even more than with a 6 tab pack.

Interceptor for Dogs and Prescriptions

Interceptor is only available with an RX when sold in the US.  We have teamed up with an American pet medicine pharmacy that is more than happy to arrange the paperwork so you don’t have to.

Using Interceptor for Dogs

Interceptor Flavor Tabs come in color coded packs depending on the weight of your pet.  Always ensure you use the right pack for your pet’s current weight as this is the way to guarantee heartworm prevention.  Interceptor Flavor Tabs can be given straight to your pet as a treat.  Or if you prefer break them up into their favorite food, taking care they eat the whole lot.

They should be used every 30 days.  If you delay a dose, simply administer the missing tablet as soon as possible.  If two months or more have elapsed since the last tablet was given speak to your vet about whether a new heartworm test is needed.

The only way to guarantee heartworm prevention is to use a product such as Interceptor Heartworm Preventatives every 30 days all year round.  This is because in most regions mosquito activity is difficult to forecast.  However, though not recommended pet owners in colder climates often choose to use heartworm pills on a seasonal basis, with good success.  If you are thinking of this, speak to your vet who will be able to let you know what the mosquito season and rate of heartworm infection is in your locality.

Novartis Interceptor for Dogs are used to prevent heartworms, whipworms, roundworms and hookworms in dogs from 2lbs in weight and 4 weeks of age.  Safe for all breeds the combine parasite control so you have less pets medicine to buy.

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  1. I am confused, do you have to crush the interceptor for the dogs? I give it in a dogfood formed meatball because my dogs won’t eat the pill. I have read several versions of heart meds need to be crushed is this true?

    Diane M

    14 Aug 10 at 6:31 am

  2. Hi Diane,

    Various brands of heartworm pill are different. Some are given whole as tablets, some are soluble for dogs that will not take tablets and some are chewable. Crushing tablets is merely a way to encourage dogs that refuse tablets to take their medicine.

    Interceptor is a chewable heartworm pill so no need to crush unless they are likely to swallow it in one, in which case you could break them up to make sure the dog eats them a little more slowly.


    14 Aug 10 at 7:28 am

  3. Do you sell Triflexis All in one Tablet for dogs?


    24 Mar 11 at 4:31 pm

  4. Hi Dave, No sorry we aren’t dealing with Triflexis yet.


    25 Mar 11 at 12:55 am

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