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How to Use Frontline Plus

If you use a topical flea treatment regularly on your pets it quickly becomes second nature. But, if switching to spot on flea products like Frontline Plus, for the first time, it can appear a little tricky.

In fact you will find it very simply to apply Frontline Plus in most cases.  You just need to keep calm, relaxed, organised, and in charge of your pets for a few minutes!  The whole idea is to have the whole thing done and dusted before your dog or cat really knows what is going on!

Personally, I have never found any of my pets to be particularly bothered about having a liquid flea treatment applied.  One of dogs, with a particularly sensitive back doesn’t like the liquid to be too cold but, but generally by the time she realises this is an issue, its already applied.  Working swiftly and without making it into any big issue will keep pets calm and unaware of flea medicine time.

Watch the video to see exactly how Merial suggest you use their best selling flea treatment.

Whether you are dealing with a pet cat or dog the steps are pretty much the same:

  1. The first step is always to double-check you have the right packet for the weight and type of animal you are treating.  It is important to remember that Frontline Plus for Cats is only for felines, and Frontline Plus for Dogs is only for canines.  Plus, the dosages are created to suit particular sizes of animal, so do double check before applying.
  2. Peel back the foil and take out one pipette of Frontline Plus.
  3. Sit down comfortably with your pet, and snap the end of the capsule, away from face and body.
  4. Part the fur of your pet* and empty the entire capsule directly onto the skin.
  5. Give your pet a fuss for being such a good girl or boy and you’re done.

* For cats it is always best to apply Frontline Plus onto the skin at the base of the neck, whilst for dogs treat the skin between the shoulder-blades.

Your pet should be dry when using any topical flea treatment, so it is always a good idea to apply at least 24 hours after bathing.  Also allow a further 24 hours before bathing after applying Frontline Plus.

For complete flea and tick control Frontline Plus should be re-applied every month.

Kittens and puppies as young as 8 weeks, plus breeding and lactating animals may be safely treated with Frontline Plus, as confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in May 2003.

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