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Cheap Heartworm Pills for Dogs Online

We at Online Pet Meds offer information on a wide range of Heartworm Medicine for Dogs.  Heartworm Pills to be given orally and topical heartworm medicine given externally are both available to buy online at discounted prices. For information regarding particular heartworm pills please see the heartworm medicine links on the right hand side. You can buy many heartworm pills without a prescription and all at the best prices online.

Heartworm Prevention is all about destroying the heartworm parasite whilst is too small to be of any concern to our pets.  Left un-medicated any larval heartworm transferred to your dog can grow to adulthood.  It is at this stage they congregate in the animal’s organs to reproduce causing untold damage as they do so.  Most heartworm medicine is given on a monthly basis.  They destroy any juvenile parasites which have appeared in the 30 days since the last treatment.  Given correctly they offer complete protection against heartworm disease.

No single heartworm preventative is better than any others at preventing heartworm disease.  They all conform to the same level of protection against the parasite.  The way they differ is in method of application, what else they can treat, and price.

Heartworm Pills for Dogs

Oral Heartworm Pills offer the cheapest method of protecting our pets against the disease.  The reason they are cheap is that they have been in use for the longest length of time, are tried, tested and well established.

Daily heartworm pills were once the only method of protecting our dogs, but are now rarely used.

Monthly Heartworm Pills

The ‘original’ monthly heartworm pill uses ivermectin, which is extremely effective at safely protecting dogs against the heartworm parasite.  Heartgard for Dogs is the original branded version of monthly ivermectin based heartworm tablet and is now widely available as a Generic Heartworm Pill.  These generics offer savings of 30 to 50% when compared with the branded product.

See our related post for more information regarding Generic Pet Medicines

Saving money with generic heartworm pills is something more and more pet owners are doing.  They offer a great way to save a little cash whilst still ensuring the health and well being of our pets.  It makes no difference to the level of heartworm prevention since generics must be medicinally identical and interchangeable with the branded item.

Valuheart and Nuheart are ivermectin based Generic Heartgard Heartworm Tablets that have become so popular they are now seen as brands in their own right.  Just very low priced brands.

Monthly heartworm tablets come in the form of both traditional tablets and as more palatable chewables or flavored tablets.  Check when buying as some of the flavored or chewable forms contain beef which some dogs find difficult to digest.

Additional Benefits of Heartworm Pills

Heartworm Pills can now be bought that also protect our pets from other parasites, not just heartworms.  The most commonly used are Heartgard Plus and Interceptor Flavor Tabs to offer protection against a wide range of intestinal parasites.

In addition, fleas control can even be incorporated into your dogs’s Heartworm Medicine regime with Sentinel Flavor Tabs.   These do not contain an active flea killer, but instead use an insect development inhibitor.  This stops flea eggs hatching or flea larvae developing.  So once the incumbent adult flea population dies (either naturally or with a little help from a product such as Capstar) there are no new fleas developing into biting adults to harm your dog.

Many pet owners find incorporating multiple parasite protection into one product extremely useful.  Combining medications means less products to buy, store and remember to administer.  The key point though, is to remember that these products are first and foremost Heartworm Pills and so must be used correctly for this key aspect to remain effective.

Considerations Regarding Heartworm Pills

Year Round or Seasonal Use of Heartworm Pills?

The American Heartworm Society, and many vets consider the only way to completely ensure your pet never becomes infected with heartworm disease is by continual, regular use of a regulated heartworm medicine.  That being said, the only time your dog can become infected is when mosquitoes are active.  So for some, in areas with very obvious mosquito seasons it is possible to use heartworm pills on an only partial year basis.  But, if considering this course of action it is a good idea to speak to your vet to discuss the rate of heartworm disease in the local dog population.

If you do decide to use your dog’s heartworm pills on only a seasonal basis make sure you follow these rules:

  • Your vet must carry out a heartworm test each spring prior to beginning the new season’s use of heartworm medicine.
  • You must give the first heartworm pill within 30 days of the new mosquito season starting.
  • You should continue using heartworm pills until at least 30 days after mosquito season ends.

Using Heartworm Pills

If using monthly heartworm pills the key thing is to remember to use them every 30 days.  If you forget to give your dog their meds, give the missing dose immediately.  Then continue giving every 30 days from this new date.  If more than two months have passed since the last tablet was used consult your vet about a new heartworm test.

Heartworm Pills for Dogs and Cats

Heartworm Pills for Dogs are often toxic to cats so always buy a dedicated feline product if you are looking to prevent heartworm disease for cats.

Heartworm Pills and Other Pet Medicines

All heartworm medicine is tested under stringent regulations and must be proven safe to use with a wide range of other pet medication.  But of course it always pays to read the instructions fully when starting any new treatment and if in doubt give your local veterinarian a call to check.

The main thing to remember is that multiple heartworm preventatives should not be used in conjunction.  So if using a topical flea control treatment that also prevents heartworm such as Advantage Multi, Advocate or Revolution for Dogs you should not also use any heartworm pill.

Heartworm Pills and Prescriptions

Heartworm Pills are regulated by the FDA and as such a prescription is needed to buy from any US pet med outlet.

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  1. I need to buy some heartworm pills for y two dogs heap because I’ve been disabled from work since 2006. I have 1 4lb. chihauha, 1 22lb. minicher pincher and every thing is up to date so for.

    joey plauche

    2 Feb 10 at 9:34 pm

  2. Joey, probably your best option is Valuheart or Nuheart as these tend to be the cheapest priced heartworm pills around. There are links at the right hand side that take you to an online pharmacy able to ship heartworm pills at very low prices.


    3 Feb 10 at 12:28 am

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