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Heartgard for Dogs is the best selling method of preventing heartworm for dogs.  The reason?  It is simply the first monthly Heartworm Pill that came onto the market.  Now of course, it has been in use so long it is tried, tested and trusted by millions of dog owners worldwide.

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Now of course many dog owners use Heartgard or generic versions of the product to prevent heartworm in their pets each month.  It is proven to completely prevent the disease when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and with varying doses available for different sized pets Heartgard Heartworm Pills have proved safe and mild for all breeds of canine.

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Both Heartgard chewables and well as generic Heartgard tablets (Nuheart) are available via the link at the top. Each is color coded to help you buy and use the correct dosage for your pets.

To buy Heartgard for Dogs without a prescription you will need to leave your vet’s contact number when placing your order. Our favorite US supplier will call them up to arrange all the necessary paperwork without you having to lift a finger. Feel free to browse around the secure online store to view a huge range of Cheap Pet Medicines.

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About Heartgard for Dogs

Heartgard Tablets and Chewables

Heartgard heartworm pills come in two forms; a standard tablet or a more palatable beefy chewable.  Both contain the same medicinal value, but some pet owners find the chewable version more easily accepted by their pet.  Dogs with beef allergies should only be given the ordinary tablet form of Heartgard.

As Heartgard Chewables are designed to be eaten in small pieces it is important to ensure your pet does not swallow the whole thing too quickly.  To ensure the medicine is released properly these should be chewed, or broken into small pieces and given to your dog separately.  We are now also able to offer low priced Heartgard Chewables for Cats.

Generic Heartgard

Generic Heartgard contains identical volumes of the active ingredient (ivermectin) and as such provide exactly the same protection against the disease.  But, being a non-branded version of the dog medicine they are available at a fraction of the price, offering a great way to save money for pet owners on a budget.

How Heartgard Prevents Heartworm Disease

Heartgard canine heartworm medicine is a monthly heartworm pill.  Only one active ingredient is contained in Heartgard tablets and Heartgard chewables.  This ingredient; ivermectin, travels through the dog’s bloodstream, destroying any juvenile heartworms it meets.  This means any infected mosquitoes that pass on the organism whilst biting your dog are not a problem.  Used once a month, Heartgard safely destroys all heartworm parasites encountered during the 30 days prior to use.

Ivermectin works to destroy heartworms slowly and steadily, with no stress for your pet’s system.  This is the same ingredient used by vets to tackle dog’s infected with the heartworm disease, and as such has been used safely for a long period of time.  The volumes in Heartgard Pills is much lower than that used by vets to treat the disease once established.

As Heartgard Pills works ‘backwards’, destroying larvae already encountered it is important to maintain a strict regime of using the product.

Using Heartgard Heartworm Pills

Heartgard heartworm preventative pills should be used every 30 days.  Used year round each month, they will ensure your dog never experiences the disease associated with adult heartworms.  Prior to using a heartworm preventative it is usual to have your dog tested for the parasite.  Your vet will do this with a simple blood-test.  Only dog’s testing negative for the disease should start being given heartworm preventatives.

If you are switching from another form of heartworm medicine, begin using Heartgard pills 30 days after the last old medication was given.  This way protection is seamless and no more blood tests will be needed.

Year Round or Seasonal Use of Heartgard Pills

Ideally any heartworm prevention should be used year round.  In areas with seasonal mosquito activity some pet owners use heartworm medication only seasonally.  It is not advised by the manufacturers but in some instances may be perfectly adequate.  If you are considering such a course of action it is worthwhile consulting your vet to see what the instance of the disease is in your locality.  Heartgard pills should be used within a month of the first signs of mosquito activity.  Their use should continue until at least a month after the mosquito season ends.  Because seasonal use does not guarantee absolutely that heartworm disease will be prevented it is adviseable to have a heartworm test repeated each spring prior to beginning the new regime of treatment.

Missed Heartgard Heartworm Pill

If a Heartgard Tablet is missed, give your dog the missing pill as soon as possible.  Do not ‘double dose’.  Simply continue using the tablets every 30 days from this new date.  If more than two months elapse between using Heartgard for your dog speak to your vet as a repeat test for the disease may be prudent.

Possible Side Effects of Heartgard for Dogs

Heartgard for Dogs does have an extremely good safety record, and like all heartworm preventative medicines is closely scrutinised by the FDA.  Used at the correct dose Heartgard is not a problematic pet medicine.  But used in doses higher than that recommended may cause dilated pupils, tremors, a reduction in body weight and rarely death.  This is why it is critical to weigh your pet before ordering Heartgard tablets and ensure you use the correct color coded dose for your dog’s size.

Heartgard for Dogs and Other Pet’s Medicines

Heartgard has been tested for use with a wide range of pet’s medicine with no problem.  But, always read the label, and check with your vet if being prescribed any new drugs for your pet.  As with all heartworm preventatives it is important not to overdose our pets, so never use in conjunction with any other heartworm medicine such as Revolution or Advantage Multi.

Cheap Heartgard for Dogs and Prescriptions

In the US, Heartgard is a prescription only drug.  Our preferred supplier of heartworm medicines is an online secure store that is more than happy to arrange the RX themselves. You won’t need to obtain a prescription for Heartgard. Just leave the contact info for your vet (and the name of your pet) when placing your order. The customer services team will then arrange for all the correct paperwork to be put in place so that you don’t have to.