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Heartgard for Cats – Chewable Feline Heartworm Tablets

Heartgard Chewables for Cats are supplied in two color coded packs.  Choose the correct pack size dependent on the weight of your cat.

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Heartgard comes in two color coded pack sizes. Choose the one appropriate to the weight of your pet.

  • heartgard chewables felineHeartGard Feline Red (0-5lbs)

  • HeartGard Feline Purple (5-15lbs)

For those wanting to use the same trusted heartworm medicine on their cats as their dogs, you can now order Heartgard for Cats. Just like the original Heartgard for dogs, this version from Merial uses ivermectin to safely and effectively prevent heartworm disease.  Supplied as a chewable beef flavored tablet most cats will be more than happy to accept their heartworm preventative this way.

About Heartgard for Cats

Feline Heartgard Chewables

Feline Heartgard are a chewable beef flavored tablet.  They are supplied in two dose sizes which are color coded for convenience.  The purple pack is for larger cats from 5 to 15lbs and contains 165mcg of ivermectin.  The red pack is for smaller cats weighing under 5lbs and contains 55mcg of ivermectin.

Heargard is safe to use on cats from six weeks of age.  Side effects are extremely rare when ivermectin is used in these low doses.  Higher dosages can cause adverse reactions such as loss of appetite, tremors, dilated pupils, blindness and confusion so always check you give the correct dose at the right time for your cat.

Generic Heartgard for Cats

At this time, since feline Heartgard is still one of the newer heartworm preventatives there is no generic version available.

How Feline Heartgard Prevents Heartworm Disease

The tiny dose of ivermectin included in Heartgard chewables is absorbed into the blood stream.  Here it safely destroys any juvenile heartworm larvae that have infected the animal via a mosquito bite during the previous month.  Used every 30 days this will ensure that no heartworms remain in the system for longer than a month, and so prevents any from maturing into their dangerous adult form.

Heartgard for Cats and Prescriptions

Feline Heartgard Chewables are shipped within the US with a valid prescription. You don’t have to worry about the paperwork though. Simply provide your vet’s contact details when ordering and our favorite online supplier will do all the hard work for you!

Using Heartgard for Cats

The only way to be sure that heartworm disease is prevented is to use a registered preventative such as Heartgard Chewables, Advantage Multi or Revolution for cats each and every month.  If only seasonal use is followed you may need to have an annual test for the parasite before beginning each years treatment.  Only one preventative should ever be used at one time.

If you wish to switch feline heartworm medicines just use the first Heartgard chewable tablet 30 days after you last used the other product.

Kittens under two months should be able to be given preventatives without needing a test for the condition first, but older cats that have not been on a preventative course will need to be tested by your vet before you begin using this or any other feline heartworm medication.

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