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Generic Heartgard – Valuheart Heartworm Pills for Dogs

Valuheart for Dogs offer a cheaper alternative to branded Heartgard Heartworm Pills.  As they are a generic pet medicine they provide exactly the same active ingredients to offer the same health benefit to your pet, but at a fraction of the cost of branded pet meds.

Please note Valuheart are an Australian pet medicine not currently licensed for use in the States. We recommend American pet owners choose Triheart Plus, which is a generic form of Heartgard Plus which is licensed by the FDA.

Valuheart heartworm pills are always significantly cheaper than branded Heartgard.  But, of course prices do vary depending on where you buy your heartworm pills from.  We at Online Pet Medicines strive to find the cheapest source of such products. Below is a detailed look at Valuheart for Australian pet owners.

Best Priced Valuheart Heartworm Pills

Valuheart for DogsEach of the three pack sizes (choose the correct pack depending on the weight of your dog) are all found at the best prices here.  Just click the link above to select blue (dogs up to 22lbs), green (dogs 23 – 44lbs) or brown (dogs 45 – 88lbs).

We also would like to mention that Valuheart is available Without a Prescription making your purchase even more straightforward as well as incredibly economical.*

Valuheart No Prescription Needed

It is possible to Buy Valuheart without a prescription in Australia as basic monthly heartworm pills are ruled “over the counter” medications there.

Valuheart Heartworm Pills

Valuheart heartworm medicine is identical medicinally as Heartgard.  Ivermectin is the active ingredient, a safe and effective way to destroy larval stage heartworms before they have a chance to cause any concern to the health of your pet.

Valuheart heartworm pills should not be used on puppies of less than six weeks in age.

All ivermectin based heartworm pills including Valuheart heartworm tabs need to be used every 30 days to ensure your dog remains free of heartworm disease.  In some locations vets approve only seasonal use of such heartworm preventatives, but where mosquitoes are active year round, prevention should also be used year round.  Before starting to use any preventative your vet should carry out a heartworm test.  If you choose to use Valuheart only on a seasonal basis, this test will need to be repeated each year.

Using Valuheart Heartworm Pills

Valuheart heartworm pills are sold in color coded packs.  To ensure safe treatment of your dog the correct tablets should be used.  To determine the correct dosage of heartworm tablets check below:

Valuheart Blue.

  • For small dogs up to 11lbs / 5kgs give 1/2 a tablet
  • For small dogs 11 – 22 lbs / 5.1 – 10 kgs give 1 tablet

Valuheart Green

  • For medium dogs 23 – 44 lbs / 11 – 20 kgs give 1 tablet

Valuheart Brown

  • For large dogs 45 – 88 lbs / 21 – 40 kgs give 1 tablet
  • For large dogs over 88 lbs / 40 kgs give 1 tablet plus 1/2 tablet for each additional 44 lbs / 20 kgs

Generic Heartworm Pills

As pet medicines are developed the manufacturers are given rights to be the only provider of a new product for a set number of years.  This incentive to gain the monopoly rights over new medications provides the reason to spend large budgets developing new ideas.  But, once this monopoly period is over other manufacturers are permitted to develop their own versions.

The medicinal quality of generic heartworm pills, must be proven (to the FDA) to be identical to the original brand.  So when purchasing generic medicines we can be sure the quality and benefit is identical to a brand.  Packaging will be different, as too may be the shape, color or flavor of the tablet, but the important bit, the affect on our dog’s health must be the same.

Save With Generic Heargard for Dogs

So by choosing Valuheart heartworm pills (a type of Generic Heartgard for Dogs) we can keep our pet’s safe from the threat of heartworm disease and save money.