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Generic Heartgard Plus for Dogs Online

Here at the Online Pet Meds site we always try to provide the best prices for all your Pet Meds Online.    When shopping for your dog’s heartworm pills we already have great prices with discount Heartgard Plus, but you might be hoping to save even more with generic Heartgard Plus.

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Generic Heartgard Plus is given a “brandname” of Triheart Plus in the US.

It might even be a little better than the original brand because it is available in both chewable form (like its branded original) and also in regular tablet form.  This means those dogs with beef allergies unable to take the chewable version of this heartworm medication are able to take the generic version.

Generic Heartgard Plus for Dogs – No Prescription Required

Triheart Plus for DogsTriheart Plus for Dogs is available without any prescription hassle for you.  This is because the pet pharmacy we have linked up with is happy to do all the running around for you. Leave them your vet’s contact info when you place your order and they will organise the correct paperwork on your behalf.  This gives you the pet owner a little bonus as not only are you benefiting from great prices, but you can also save a little time too.

A Note on Generic Pet Medicines.

Generic heartworm medicines are something that are becoming more and more popular.  They are a simple way to save money.

When a new pet medicine is released, the company that developed it get a monopoly period during which no-one else is allowed to make a copy of the product.  This is good for the manufacturer and provides an incentive for developing new drugs and new applications for them.  But, for the consumer it means we are at the mercy of the manufacturer’s pricing strategy.  Thankfully once that monopoly period is over, other pet medicine manufacturers are permitted to apply to the FDA for licensing on their own version.  In general those generic pet medicines have to be seen to be completely interchangeable with the branded original, which means that whether you choose a cheap generic heartworm pill or a branded original, the do gets the same heartworm prevention.

For more information about generic pet medicines have a look at our in-depth article or check out the FDA guidelines.

Triheart Plus is made in the US by Heska Corporation for Schering-Plough Animal Health Corp (now known as Merck Animal Health).

Using Generic Heartgard Plus Heartworm Medicine

Whether you choose the brand or the generic form of Heartgard Plus you need to follow the same basic rules.  Each dog must receive the correct color coded tablet (giving the correct dose based on the dog’s weight), every thirty days.  If you are switching from another heartworm medicine, just give the first Heartgard Plus tablet 30 days after the last old one was used.

If your dog has never been given heartworm preventatives before a quick blood test from the vet is essential in determining that they do not already carry thte disease.  Year round use of heartworm medicine is recommended for complete assurance that heartworm disease cannot be transmitted to the dog.  But in areas with only seasonal mosquito activity many pet owners choose to give heartworm medicines only during the warmer months and for the month or two following the cessation of all mosquito activity.  If you are considering such seasonal use of generic Heartgard Plus we suggest you speak to your vet to determine the relative rates of the disease in your area and whether an annual heartworm test will be needed.  You can find out more about using heartworm medicine here.