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Generic Frontline Plus

If you would like to save even more money on your pets flea treatments, generics might be the answer.  We now have two versions of generic Frontline Plus available to buy online:

Fiproguard Plus

Produced by Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Fiproguard Plus was released in May 2011.  For the best prices we suggest amazon who are now stocking a wide range of flea control products at extremely low prices.

Pronyl Plus

Pronyl Plus Generic Frontline PlusRather confusingly, our second generic Frontline Plus product is also produced by Sergeant’s.  This time it is called Pronyl Plus.  And, you can check out the even better prices on this one here.

Pronyl Plus was released a little later than Fiproguard Plus, and both are pretty much interchangeable.

Fiproguard Plus v Pronyl Plus v Frontline Plus?

Fiproguard Plus Generic Frontline PlusThe big question then is which product do you buy?  Well, to be perfectly honest, as far as your pet is concerned it makes no difference at all.  Both generic Frontline Plus products, and the original have the same volume and quality of the key active ingredients.  So the results of using any one of them will be the same.

The reasoning behind the somewhat confusing decision to produce not one, but two generic flea treatments, is that they are targetting a slightly different audience, being sold in different types of stores.

You will usually see Fiproguard Plus in specialist pet supply stores whereas Pronyl Plus will be a more mass market product stocked in large grocery stores, drug stores and multi site retailers.  Perhaps this is why, for their launch we are seeing Pronyl Plus being offered at special offer prices around 40% less than the Fiproguard Plus!

Whilst discounts are being offered we strongly suggest choosing the generic Frontline Plus products.  After all they offer the same protection against biting insects, yet are surprisingly light on your pocket.  In the past we have been wary of generic Frontline Plus products since they simply haven’t offered a significant saving over the branded original.  But it now looks like Seargant’s are trying very hard to create a generic version of Frontline Plus that offers enough of a cost saving to make it an attractive purchase.

Generic Frontline Plus (both Fiproguard Plus and Pronyl Plus) are available in various pack sizes, for cats and dogs.  Be sure to order the product designed for the type and weight of animal to be treated.  You can find out more about how to use this topical flea treatment, and what it actually does at our Frontline Plus page.