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Frontline Top Spot for Dogs – Canine Flea and Tick Control

Frontline Top Spot for Dogs and Puppies is a simple way to control fleas and ticks quickly and safely.  It is the original spot on flea treatment.  Easy to use and extremely effective at dealing with fleas and ticks on dogs from eight weeks of age.

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Frontline Top Spot is available in three or six dose packs.  Generally you can save a little more by opting for the six month option.  There is also Frontline Top Spot for Cats available at low prices.

Frontline Top Spot Flea and Tick Control

Frontline Top Spot deals with adult fleas within twelve hours of application.  In addition it is proven to destroy all life-stages of tke four key types of ticks affecting our pets today (brown dog tick, the American dog tick, the lone star tick and the deer tick  – the major carrier of Lyme disease).

Frontline Top Spot for Dogs – Ingredients

There is only one active ingredient in Frontline Top Spot.  This is fipronil which attacks the nervous system of insects, destroying them quickly and safely.  The volume of fipronil is set at 9.7% – a level that is effective in dealing with parasites and mild enough for our cats to process safely.

Using Topical Flea Treatments

To apply the flea drops you just need to part the fur between the shoulder-blades of your dog.  Then apply all the liquid from one capsule of Frontline Top Spot.  The active ingredients are then absorbed by the skin and spread to offer flea and tick protection across the whole body.  For larger dogs it may be necessary to apply the flea drops in two or three positions along the spine from the shoulder-blades to the base of the tail.  This will make it easier for you to apply the drops directly onto the skin itself and make it faster for the dog’s sebaceous glands to spread the flea medicine over the entire body.

Once completely dry (within 24 hours) the flea drops are totally waterproof and so it is fine to bathe your dog  using a mild shampoo, or allow him to have a swim.

Top Spot for Dogs from Frontline will remain active for at least 30 days, so it is usual to re-apply the flea drops on a monthly basis.

Frontline Top Spot is safe to use on breeding, pregnant and nursing animals as well as puppies as young as eight weeks of age.  It has no known interaction with other pet medicines but if you are concerned about over-medicating a pet of course speak to your vet.

Full instructions and product information is included in all packs of Frontline Top Spot for Dogs.

Difference Between Frontline Plus and Frontline Top Spot

There is one key difference between Frontline Plus and Frontline Top Spot.   Both deal with fleas and ticks.  But because Frontline Plus has the additional ingredient, methoprene that prevents flea eggs and flea larvae from developing any further into biting adults.  Since Frontline Top Spot for Dogs will destroy adult fleas before they have a chance to breed the problem of immature fleas tends to be dealt with after a few months of using the flea drops on your dog.