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Fortiflora for Dogs Best Price

With more pet owners concerned about all aspects of their furry pal’s health, pet supplements including probiotics are becoming increasingly popular.  The leading brand today is Putrina Fortiflora.

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Fortiflora for Dogs Best Price

If you are unsure whether probiotics are the answer to your dog’s digestive troubles read on for more information.  Also, remember such information is exactly what your pay your vet for, and they should know whether such a treatment is relevant, and likely to prove effective in the case of your particular pet.

What is Fortiflora for Dogs?

Fortiflora, from Purina is in essence, an easy way to ensure your dog has all the beneficial organisms his gut requires.  Provided as a powder, each sachet contains antioxidants and vitamins.  But the core ingredient, we are interested in are Enterococcus faecium, micro-organisms that are beneficial in restoring balance to the digestive tract.

Fortiflora Best Price

At the Online Pet Meds main site, we regularly compare prices with leading online retailers.  This means we can remain confident that ordering through us, you get the best prices for all your pet medications.  Fortiflora is no different, and we are happy to provide great cost savings to pet owners across the US.

Does My Dog Need Probiotics?

This is an important question to consider.  There are no harmful effects from using canine probiotics, so your dog will be happy to have them.  But if he already has all the beneficial bacteria needed, providing more will do nothing more for him.  So rather than use them, because “probiotics are healthy” it is better to consider such products because your pet will actually benefit from them.

The key indications that probiotics might be beneficial are all related to poo I am afraid!  We are talking diarhea and loose stools.  If recurring bouts of diarhea or loose stools are associated with age (either in very young puppies,  or elderly dogs), stress or the use of anti-biotics the chances are using a product such as canine Fortiflora will indeed help resolve the issue.

In all these cases, a weak immune system or a destruction of the balance of natural organisms in the gut are the cause of the problem, and boosting the “good” bacteria in the gut will help get everything back to normal.

Before prescribing probiotics yourself, it is a good idea to consult your vet.  Diarhea can cause problems including dehydration (particularly in puppies) and loss of condition as nutrients are left undigested, so it is important to know what is causing the problem, in case something more serious is behind the mess.

But, in many instances when you see a direct reaction to stress, change in diet or anti-biotic use products like Fortiflora are great to have ready to use.  Small puppies are particularly prone to loose stools.  This is usually a simple result of their immune systems being not fully developed and so their digestive tract being more sensitive to harmful bacteria.  Fortiflora is great for reducing the severity and regularity of the problem for these pups, and so definitely worth discussing with your vet.

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