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Fortiflora for Cats

As more people realise the benefits of ensuring good digestive health with the use of pro-biotic supplements, it is hardly a surprise to find pet owners want similar products to keep their animals healthy too. One of the biggest names when it comes to feline probiotics is;

Fortiflora for Cats

Supplied in one gram sachets, the granules are readily accepted by most pets. You just sprinkle onto ordinary food and know you are increasing the levels of “good” bacteria in your cat’s digestive system.

The aim of any probiotic formula is to provide micro-organisms that aid digestion (good bacteria). Choosing a reputable brand such as this from Purina ensures the volume, quality and viability of the bacteria is constant. This is particularly important since such supplements are not regulated nearly as strictly as medications.

When Is Feline Fortiflora Most Useful?

As with any probiotic, not all animals will need such a product. If we or our pets are in good health the digestive system should be perfectly balanced with just the right volume of good bacteria to deal with any nasty ones that are ingested, and to ensure nutrients are absorbed fully.

So for most pet owners a product such as this will only need to be used occasionally, when the gut is out of balance. The times when this is most likely to occur include:

  1. times of stress, such as when moving home or bringing new animals into the family
  2. when very young – kittens will often display soft stools or diarrhea as their immune systems are not fully developed enough to combat any nasty bacteria picked up from the environment
  3. when very old, or suffering from some underlying health condition – again an immune system that is not functioning fully may lead to stomach upset and diarrhea.
  4. if taking a course of anti-biotics since these will destroy not just bad, but also good, bacteria.
Of course diarrhea and stomach upset should be taken seriously, particularly in very young animals that may dehydrate rapidly, so your vet should be consulted. But having a probiotic such as Fortiflora at hand can be a very quick way to reduce the symptoms.

Purina also produce Fortiflora for Dogs so all your furry friends can have the benefits of a well balanced digestive system.


Written by Karl