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Feline Tapeworm Tablets

Feline tapeworm tablets should be a regular medication given to all cats. Cats are extremely likely to carry tapeworms at some point because the most common type are carried by fleas. Since felines are so good at grooming themselves, they will often ingest fleas and then become host to these intestinal parasites.

We Recomend Regular Use Of

Tradewinds Tapeworm Tabs for Cats

As a single use prescription free tapeworm tablet, Tradewinds tablets should be kept on stand-by in all cat family medicine cabinets!

Has My Cat Got Tapeworms?

Often there are no real symptoms to speak of regarding a tapeworm infestation. The most common way an owner knows their cat is infected, is when body segments of the parasite are seen on the fur, or on the stools of the pet in question. This is not nice at all, but is often the worst thing about tapeworms.

Symptoms are far more rare than we might think. For some animals a change in appetite might display. This is most often associated with gastric upset caused by the parasites. Mild vomitting or diarhhea are not uncommon, but usually the cat simply won’t seem “quite right” as they cope with stomach pain and sensitivity.

Preventing Feline Tapeworm

Since most tapeworms are passed to cats by fleas, the most important method of prevention is to use a flea treatment regularly, such as Revolution for cats. However this will not completely remove the risk of infestation since tapeworms may also be ingested when eating rodent organs – again not very nice but something we all know many cats will do.

The approach often reccomended is to use a safe tapeworm tablet every few months. Tradewinds tapeworm tabs for dogs work in the same way. Rather than try to flush out the parasites that can lead to even more digestive upset, the key ingredient (praziquantel) breaks down the skin of the parasite. This then makes it easy for the cat to digest the tapeworms (or in some cases for the immune system to destroy them). It is therefore unlikely that you will actually see any evidence of parasites in the stools of your pet after treatment.


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