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Epakitin – Pet Meds for Chronic Renal Failure – Cats and Dogs

Epakitin is a nutritional supplement used in both cats and dogs with chronic renal failure.  This helps delay the development of chronic kidney disease and actively stimulates kidney function itself.

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Whilst any pet experiencing kidney disease will need to be treated under the supervision of a vet, their are many additional supplements that pet owners find useful in alleviating the condition.

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Epakitin is available without prescription so it is extremely easy to buy online and make great savings over the prices offered more locally.  Whilst a pet with severe kidney problems will need regular vet visits, possibly specialist food and medications there is no need to spend more money than you have to.  So wherever possible buy their pet meds online to keep costs down.

What is Epakitin?

Epakitin is a nutritional food supplement for cats and dogs.  Supplied in powder form that can be sprinkled onto your pet’s food twice a day.  The ingredients used are  Lactose, Calcium Carbonate, Chitosan and Hydrolyzed soy Protein.  It should be used in conjunction with a low phosphorous diet.  However some pets do reject this type of diet so for them it is acceptable to use the powder sprinkled on regular pet food.

The key role of Epakitin is as a phosphate binder.  Pets with kidney disease will tend to absorb more phosphorous than healthy animals.  This phosphorous further damages the kidneys causing a vicious circle where the disease actually excalates itself.  In addition, animals with renal failure are prone to develop another serious condition hyperparathyroidism due to excessive phosphate levels.  Chitosan is the key ingredient that binds to phosphorous stopping the animals digestive tract from being able to absorb it.  Chitosan is a natural ingredient, produced from the shells of crabs and shrimp.

With the use of a phosphate binder Epakitin can slow the progress of chronic renal failure, giving relief for the animal and even prolonging their life.  In addition to using Epakitin many pet owners buy Azodyl Capsules for their cat or dog too.  These help flush toxins out of the system when the kidneys are unable to do so efficiently.  You can find out more about referring to our preveious article.

Using Epakitin for Cats and Dogs

The standard dosing system for Epakitin is to use 1 g of powder for every 5 kg (or 10 lbs) of pet body weight, twice daily.  Inside each pack of Epakitin is a spoon, which when level measures out 1g of Epakitin powder. Simply sprinkle this onto your pet’s food twice a day.  Ideally the food given should be a specialised renal diet that is low in phosphorous, but even if using regular pet food Epakitin has proven to be useful in improving life expectancy and offering relief from current symptoms.

Epakitin is in part derived from sea-food (crab and shrimp shells) so has a taste pleasant to most pets and thus readily accepted.

In addition it is crucial that the pet has fresh water freely available at all times.  Since the kidneys are not functioning correctly extra fluids are needed to help the animal flush out toxins normally dealt with easily by the kidneys.

Epakitin Side Effects

Good news for this pet medicine, as there are no concerns regarding the use of Epakitin for dogs and cats with chronic renal failure.   In fact, as it does not contain aluminium (something other nutritional supplements can do) it is thought to be even safer for cats in particular.  This is because studies indicate that cats may be similar to humans in the way aluminium can be dangerous for patients with kidney disease.

Epakitin at Online Pet Meds

Epakitin is an over the counter nutritional supplement for use in both dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease.   Here at Online Pet Meds we aim to provide full information regarding all pet medicines listed.  In addition we hope to provide links to the best priced source of each pet med online.  Through the links above you will be sent to the current cheapest source for Epakitin.  At the time of writing the price for 150g was around $30 cheaper than 1800PetMeds which we feel isn’t bad at all!