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oral flea tablets capstarThere are now flea killing pets medicines available which your pet swallows.  There are currently two different types of oral flea control tablets for dogs available.  The first is a once a month treatment providing a continual flea medicine while the second is a one-off treatment.

Program Oral Flea Control

Program Flavor TabsProgram Flavor Tabs provide a long term effective flea medicine in tablet form.  Given each month Program tablets stop flea eggs and larvae developing.  Using an insect development inhibitor lufenuron they stop flea eggs and larvae growing further.

Using Program Oral Flea control means any juvenile fleas are unable to develop into fertile biting adult fleas.  As the product is based on an inhibitor of insect development it has no affect on mammals so is completely safe to use on your pets.  Program does not kill adult fleas, but once in the bloodstream it is absorbed by any biting female flea.  Then, when she lays eggs the lufenuron stops the eggs hatching and they soon die.  In this way the tablets control the breeding cycle of the flea population.  So, while not eliminating all fleas immediately, over the long term it is a very successful flea treatment.

These flea control tablets can also be used in conjunction with another adult flea killing product such as Frontline Spray.  But for pets who rarely pick up new adult fleas the product is capable of giving thorough flea control alone.

Once used for a few months Program provides an efficient flea medicine used by many happy dog owners.

Capstar Flea Tablets

CAPSTAR for Dogs or Cats are completely different.  Given orally they actually kill adult fleas that come into contact with your pet during the following 24 hours.  Once given you should see dead fleas within 30 minutes which is an exceptionally fast acting flea treatment.   Based on the active ingredient Nitenpyram which affects insect nervous systems, over-stimulating them and causing death, it is safe for mammals.  Though the product is short-lived it is an invaluable tool in the fight against fleas in a variety of circumstances.

Many dog owners will use Capstar flea control tablets occasionally prior to taking their pet somewhere likely to be flea ridden.  So giving a tablet prior to visiting the dog park, grooming parlour or kennels will stop your dog bringing fleas home.  These tablets, given to your dog orally  kill all adult fleas that come into contact with your pet for 24 hours.

Another great use for this product is when faced with a heavily flea infested animal.  Usually this will be a newly acquired pet from a less well looked after background.  Strays taken in, or rescue dogs can be extremely over-run with fleas so Capstar is a fabulous way to instantly stop those adult fleas in their tracks.  This is particularly critical if your pet is suffering from flea dermatitis and so needs those fleas gone quickly.

For multi-pet households Capstar is invaluable as it is one of very few pet medications suitable to use interchangeably on dogs and on cats.  So you can keep one product to hand and quickly eradicate any new fleas brought home by one of your pets.

If you suspect a longer term flea problem in your house you will need to use another method of destroying flea eggs and larvae initially.  But many pet owners happily use Capstar more regularly at first to destroy all those new adult fleas as they emerge.  The tablets can safely be given every 24 hours if new adult fleas appear.  Over the long term the flea population in your home and garden should be reduced as it reaches adulthood making Capstar an effective long-term flea medicine for many pet owners.

Other Flea Control Methods

If giving your dog tablets is not your idea of easy flea medicine check out more dog flea control methods here at Online Pet Meds.

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