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canine flea controlOf the various methods of controlling dog fleas, flea sprays are one of the oldest.  Often cheap they are available to use on pets and their bedding.  Products can also be found specifically designed to use on carpets and upholstery.

When looking for flea sprays you have two options.  Firstly a pet spray designed to provide long term freedom from fleas.  These will be slightly more pricey but much more effective if you actually have a dog.  Secondly you can look at products designed for immediate flea control but no long-term residual effect.  This group are often for use in the home as well as, or as an alternative to use on your pet.

Effective Flea Sprays for Dogs

Products such as Frontline Spray and Adams Flea and Tick Trigger Spray offer a spray version which contains the same active ingredient (Fipronil) as its topical spot-on flea treatment.  These provide a slightly less concentrated way of applying an effective flea killer and are particularly useful and safer for very small dogs and puppies.

Vets tend to recommend Frontline Spray for puppies from eight weeks,  as you control the dosage making it safer for smaller bodies to cope with.  For housholds with multiple small pets Frontline Spray is ideal.  You control which pets get what amount of the product.  As some of our pets are out and about more than others, with different coats some are more suseptable to picking up fleas than others.

If you have a variety of small dogs (or dogs and cats) a quality flea spray is a great way of targeting the most flea ridden with more product than those pets who seem more naturally flea-proof.  Frontline Spray is one of very few products which is suitable to use on both cats and dogs.  So if you enjoy the friendship of a variety of small furry folks one can of this will deal with all your flea-killing needs.

Although a little more expensive than generic flea sprays Frontline Spray will continue killing fleas for at least a month.  Studies show tha some pets stay flea free for up to 90 days, but in my experience 70 days has been the upper limit.  Using a quality and fast acting spray gives you the option to re-apply when fleas reappear knowing you will kill them quickly.  This means long-term you can actually save with such a product.   Plus it will control ticks and mites too which tend to adore our pets nearly as much as fleas do.  The great thing is you are not continually using the product as it is so long-lasting.

Cheap Flea Sprays

Flea sprays can be a good way of dealing with an apartment wide flea problem as you can use them everywhere.  But, although they can offer a ‘quick fix’ they tend not to deal with any flea infestation long term.  Much of the components in any spray solution will be lost to the atmosphere and so the active ingredients become very diluted in the home.  When you think how big the area is you are trying to treat (carpets, cushions, bedding, furniture…) you can see why it is so difficult to eradicate a house-wide flea problem.  Also knowing where to spray can be much harder than you think.  Flea eggs can be just about anywhere, the more disused a corner is the better! Many of the products available recommend we spray much more around our homes than the average consumer is likely too.  Often a whole can would need to be used in one room to get the effects promised on the side of the can.  The reason we think flea sprays are cheap is because we think they go further than they are actually designed to do.

Cheap Frontline Flea Spray

There are a wide range of flea sprays available here.  They are useful to use with another more efficient method of flea control but tend not to offer total flea prevention when used alone.

Beware of purchasing household flea fogs, bombs and sprays.  They can be useful but many are not suitable for use around your family or pets so make sure you read the label thoroughly.  Used in addition to a more reliable flea treatment on your dog they may help speed up the eradication of fleas, but used alone they are very unreliable.  After all your pet will keep bringing in more pests with him!  For really bad home infestations it may be worth seeking the advise of a professional exterminator.  They can ensure your home is flea free by having access to much more concentrated chemicals than the average consumer.  All you then need to do is worry about keeping your dog flea free.

Quality Flea Sprays

Using a good quality flea spray on your pet means they distribute its active ingredients around your home, to the areas most likely to contain juvenile fleas (i.e. the places your pets tend to deposit them in the first place).  If you use a product which needs reapplying regularly you can still keep fleas at bay but you must be VERY vigilant.  Forget to spray and those fleas will be back quick smart.

Choosing flea sprays which deliver month long flea freedom means you don’t need to spend the rest of your days spraying to keep your home flea free.

Written by Karl

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