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Dog Meds – Flea Control Methods

Dog flea medsOnce all the fun stuff such as new collars and bedding are sorted the first two things any new dog owner needs are flea control and worming treatment.  Not surprising then that the most popular online pet meds for dogs are flea control treatments.  Fleas and worms are all parasites who easily find all pets, they are widespread and even primarily house dogs are likely to come into contact with them regularly.

Best Selling Dog Flea Control

With low prices on a wide range of pets medicine, dog flea control sells in massive volume.  The best selling dog flea meds are:

  1.  Frontline Plus
  2. Advantage
  3. Advantix

Flea controls for dogs come in an array of different application methods.  Before you even start trying to determine which brand is right for your dog you need to decide which application method suits.

Currently the main options are flea sprays, fogs and bombs (for both your pet and their bedding), shampoos, oral tablets (Program Flavor Tabs, & Capstar Flea Tablets), flea collars and topical spot-on flea treatments (Advantage Flea Control, Frontline Plus for Dogs, Advocate Flea Control and Revolution for Dogs).

The active ingredients in each product are different and are effective for varying amounts of time.  Flea treatments for dogs and cats differ in the types of flea controlled too.  Some destroy biting adult fleas, others also control juvenile fleas so reducing the entire flea population.

In addition to flea control, other parasites can be treated with flea medicine products too.  Ticks are dealt with by Frontline, lice with Advantage and mosquitoes and biting flies are destroyed with K9 Advantix for Dogs.

Deciding which is right for you and your dog is largely a matter of personal preference.  Short lasting solutions tend to be cheaper to buy but unsuitable if your pet repeatedly comes into contact with parasites.  For a long term answer to flea problems longer lasting products offer an easier more ‘hands off’ solution.

These are one of the easiest pet meds to find online and a great product to buy when dealing with a new store.  You are probably already familiar with the packaging and so can easily verify you are getting what you ordered and it is pretty easy to confirm any flea treatment is working.

For those wary of purchasing online, flea treatments are a very good place to start.  In actual fact online pet meds are such big business it is easy to find large highly reputable stores from which to buy all your pet meds.  Online businesses are no longer small and short-lived but are huge and enjoy massive customer support.  Buying pet medicines online is a safe and economical place to purchase.

Written by Karl

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