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Discount Pet Meds are something we are always looking for.  The best priced regular medications for dogs and cats can make a huge difference in the long term cost of pet ownership.  With this in mind we felt it was time to carry out another price comparison check.  After all, here at Online Pet Meds we want to offer links to the very best deals for all your pet medicine requirements.

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Advantage Multi for Cats and Dogs

or read on for full details regarding this popular heartworm medicine and flea control treatment…

One of the leading pet medicines sold is Advantage Multi.  Available for both cats and dogs it offers a complete pest control product.  Used topically it deals with internal parasites (including the dangerous heartworm larvae) as well as controlling external parasites such as fleas.  For the full lowdown on what Advantage Multi (also known as Advocate) controls, and how the drops should be used please see our earlier article “Advantage Multi for Cats and Dogs“.

Advantage Multi Price Comparison

Advantage MultiTo check we were still recommending the best priced Advantage Multi online we carried out a new price comparison test on 21st December 2009.  We looked for sources offering delivery to the United States.

We compared prices for a six pack of Advantage Multi for large dogs (weighing 21 to 55 lbs) and a six pack of Advantage Multi for large cats (weighing over 9 lbs).

In both cases we checked the same five suppliers.  To determine which suppliers to use we typed “Best Priced Advantage Multi” into  From the search engine results we took the first five listings that were online pet medicine stores offering these products.

The suppliers checked were;,,, and

  • The prices were $78.99 for dogs and $65.99 for cats.  A prescription is needed before this supplier will ship the medication and an additional delivery charge of $4.95 applies, though orders over $100 benefit from free shipping.
  • The prices were $93.99  for dogs and $83.99 for cats.  A prescription is needed before this supplier will ship the medicine but delivery is free.
  • The prices were $75  for dogs and $59 for cats.  No prescription is needed to buy Advantage Multi here.   Delivery is $5, or you can pay $15 for a year’s free shipping or $50 for a lifetime of free shipping.  Both a good option when repeat orders are likely for the ongoing health and well being of your pets.**
  • The prices were $74.90 for dogs and $79.80 for cats.  A prescription is needed before your order will be processed.  A $7 delivery charge applies, though orders over $100 are shipped free.
  • The prices were $88.41 for dogs and $65.35.  No prescription is needed.  A $4.95 delivery charge applies to all orders under $68.

*All prices are correct at the time of publication.  The price comparison was carried out on 21st Dec 2009.  We request you double check prices when placing any orders before entering any payment details.   Please note we continually check prices to ensure we link to the best sources online.

** Please note due to regular price checking we now recommend buying Advantage  Multi from US Pets. FDA approved stocks are shipped via USPS. Don’t worry about any RX hassles as the kind folks in customer services will arrange that with your veterinarian on your behalf.

We are pleased to confirm that we are still providing the cheapest source for Advantage Multi for both cats and dogs.  Indeed not only are the prices via these product pages the cheapest we can find online, they also provide one of few sources of Advantage Multi without a prescription (well it feels like its without a prescription since you don’t have to track down the paperwork as the store does it all for you!).

Discount Pet Meds such as Advantage Multi are what this site is all about, but with prices always changing it is great to see with this comparison we are still getting it right!