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Generic Novox (Carprophen)

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Novox is simply Carprofen which is Generic Rimadyl (Rimadyl itself is simply the original branded name of Carprofen).  Novox is available with the same quantities and quality of Carprofen included in each caplet, as the original Rimadyl for Dogs.

Are Rimadyl and Novox the Same?

Being a generic pet medicine, Novox is sold at a much lower price than branded Rimadyl, but the medicinal quality is one and the same, being bound by the FDA rules on generic pet medications.  So, yes Rimadyl and Novox are the same.  The difference is in the price and the packaging.  The other difference is that Novox is currently only available in caplet form, whilst original Rimadyl is sold as both caplets and as chewable tablets.

Discount Novox

Novox is available via the links above for incredibly low prices when compared with its branded counterpart. Since most dogs that are being treated with dog pain relief medications such as Novox can expect to continue treatment for their lifetime it is important to find reliable and economical sources.  Saving money on discount Novox from the beginning, when you can expect to need to buy it for many years to come is obviously a sensible thing to do.

What is Novox?

Novox is a dog pain relief medication.  It’s active ingredient (Carprofen) is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID).   These are used to relieve inflammation and also to dull the enzymes that actually trigger pain.  Most often used to deal with joint problems such as hip displasia and canine osteo-arthritis, carprofen is also used to treat post-operative pain associated with certain procedures such as dental work.

Novox is a prescription only pet medicine and should always be used under the guidance of your vet.  This is because whilst safer than many older steroid based treatments, NSAIDs can in rare instances trigger serious side-effects.  Used widely many pet owners notice significant improvement in mobility and pain management within days or even hours of using Carprofen.  But some dogs are intolerant of this particular NSAID and may be better treated with an alternative to Rimadyl.

When used to treat canine arthritis Novox will be required for the long-term.  Whilst the dosage may be able to be reduced after an initial treatment period, to stop the medication would simply leave the dog in the same condition as prior to treatment since nothing can actually cure arthritis, only manage it.

Using Novox for Dogs

The general dosage required is 2mg per lb of dog’s weight once a day, or 1mg per lb of dog’s weight twice a day.  The tablet comes as a scored caplet that is easy to break apart to get the correct dosage.  It should be given with food.  Also do remember this is a canine medication only.  Cats do not tolerate certain drugs as well as dogs and should never be given carprofen products.

Certain conditions such as ulcers, liver and kidney disease will mean a dog should not be treated with this kind of NSAID.  This is why it is so important to discuss the use of such drugs with your vet before beginning treatment.  Similarly other pain medication, anti-inflammatories and other steroids can all interact with carprofen so it is important that your vet has the entire picture of all medications you are using.  Using Novox and other painkillers may sometimes be an appropriate course of treatment, but to do so without understanding exactly how each product interacts is foolish.  So do rely on the guidance of a qualified vet, and do not self-prescribe for your pet yourself.

An Alternative to Rimadyl?

Novox is a cheaper medication but it is intrinsically the same as Rimadyl.   If your dog is not tolerant of Rimadyl they will not be tolerant of Novox either as the ingredients are identical.

Novox and Prescriptions

There is no point in searching for Novox without a prescription. The genuine drug is quite rightly deemed appropriate for use only under veterinary guidance. That’s not to say you can’t still get great discounts buying online though. Simply place your order via the link above, and the store will arrange the RX on your behalf (you just provide the details of your vet).

Novox for Dogs

Novox for Dogs is a reliable and widely used way to deal with pain and inflammation.  It is a discount pet medicine best bought online to achieve the greatest savings.  Since NSAIDs can be powerful medicines it makes sense to buy the initial dose in a small quantity and from your vet who will be monitoring your pet.  But once you and he are happy that Fido is improving by using Novox it makes far more sense to buy such pet meds online to achieve the best possible long-term savings.