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Discount Heartgard Plus for Dogs Online

Discount Heartgard Plus for Dogs are available here at the Online Pet Meds site. We compare prices regularly on a massive range of heartworm medicines and other pet medications to ensure you can buy with confidence.

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Heartgard Plus GenericAs Heartgard Plus is our most popular from of dog heartworm medicine it is a product that is always in demand, and always kept at the lowest prices online.

To buy the cheapest Heartgard Plus just click the link above to pick the correct pack size and dosage required and see up-to-date guaranteed low prices.

You will need to pick the right pack depending on the weight of your dog.  For even bigger savings check out a twelve month supply of these chewable heartworm pills.  The dosage sizes are color coded to keep things as simple as possible:

Discount Heartgard Plus for Dogs – Color Coding

  • Heartgard Plus Blue are for small dogs under 25 lbs in weight.
  • Heartgard Plus Green are for medium sized dogs between 26 and 50 lbs in weight.
  • Heartgard Plus  Brown are for large dogs from 51 to 100  lbs in weight.

Dogs over 100 lbs will need to be given a combination of tablets to make the dose up to their actual weight requirement.  To order click the image at the top of this article to select your desired pack size and view current best prices.

Heartgard Plus Chewable tablets are the simple way to provide your dog with their heartworm preventative medicine.  These tasty treats contain real beef so most dogs are more than happy to take their medication each month.

How is Discount Heartgard Plus for Dogs so Cheap?

This is the most common query.  The prices are kept low as we check and compare supplies regularly.  At the moment buying from an online pharmacy like the one linked to above offers the best way to save money and find the best priced Heartgard Plus.  The products are branded originals and no different to those you would get at home.

Heartgard Plus Without a Prescription

It feels like you can buy Heartgard Plus without a prescription here.  Just click the link above to choose your pack size, check current prices, and dosage size and when you are happy place your order. The dog’s medication will be dispatched without you having to supply a prescription, speeding up the whole process of buying your dog’s heartworm pills. Instead, let the customer service team speak to your veterinarian’s office and arrange the paperwork themselves. You still get FDA approved medications legitimately; you just don’t have to bother yourself running around sorting it all out!

Using Heartgard Plus for Dogs

If you are using a heartworm preventative for the first time, we suggest you check out the full product information for Heartgard Plus for Dogs.  Used correctly these monthly chewable tablets will guarantee that your pet never has any problem with heartworm disease.  In addition the intestinal worms (roundworm and hookworm) are also controlled.

The chewable tablets should be given every month all year around for complete peace of mind regarding the threat of heartworm disease.  If you choose to use the product on a seasonal basis only you will need to take the dog to your vet each year for a simple blood test prior to beginning their new course of heartworm medicine.

Discount Heartgard Plus for Dogs is the easy way to keep your dog healthy and happy to take their heartworm medication.