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Dasuquin with MSM for Dogs – Canine Arthritis Medications

Dasuquin with MSM is a long used joint supplement for dogs. Available in two sizes, for dogs under 60 lbs and those over 60 lbs in weight, it combines Cosequin for Dogs with a number of additional ingredients to provide a holistic approach to canine joint health.

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What is Dasuquin with MSM for Dogs?

Dasuquin MSM is a joint supplement. Produced by NutraMax Labs it expands on the winning formula previously utilised in Cosequin. Additional derivatives of avocado, soybean, decaffeinated tea and glucosamine are included to provide a more well rounded approach to joint care. Used for over ten years many pet owners believe their dogs display a marked improvement in joint function with less stiffness and soreness when treated to a regular Dasquin MSM chewable tablet.

Some larger breed dogs susceptible to joint problems are even prescribed Dasuquin MSM as a preventative measure. Of course clinical proof as to its ability to ward of joint disease is difficult to provide. But with trials showing a marked improvement in cartilage condition as its breakdown is slowed.

For some animals this can be a useful canine joint supplement. The key is to monitor your pet’s condition and of course consult your vet as appropriate. A six week initial period should be considered, where condition is closely monitored. After this a maintenance regime is to be followed where less Dasuquin MSM tablets are needed.

Does Dasuquin with MSM Work?

Well, of course the manufacturers would say yes. But what about real life experience of using the product on real life pets? Well a great tool are the Dasuquin MSM reviews that give a variety of experiences using the product. People are free to review positively or negatively and there is no incentive to make a review go either way.

Overall Dasuquin MSM has been given 4.5 stars out of a possible total of 5 stars. A lot of the reviews confirm this is not a miracle worker. For dogs with severe arthritis the sad news is that we simply do not have a cure yet. But even for dogs with severe pain and lameness Dasuquin MSM does offer some relief. A cure no, but improved mobility, a willingness to play once more and obvious reduced pain are not benefits to be ignored. So if your dog’s joint problems are causing concern and simple Cosequin supplements are not having a great enough effect Dasuquin with MSM could definitely be worth considering.