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Dasuquin for Dogs

Arthritis in dogs is one of the most common problems pet owners face as their dogs age. It is no surprise then, that owners are always looking for ways to help with the condition. Whilst there is not currently any cure, there are a range of supplements that can offer relief for many canines.

One of the most popular, particularly for larger pets is Dasuquin. You can order this product via the link below:

Dasuquin for Dogs

There are a number of glucosamine based supplements that aim to slow the progress of arthritis, and even help the body repair damaged joints (to some extent at least), so how do you know which one to choose?

Well, of course your vet is going to be the best placed to start, and they should be able to offer detailed advice regarding which supplements are best suited to your particular pets condition. But in general terms there are a few pointers to help you navigate the huge array of arthritis supplements available for our pets:

  1. Glucosamine and chondroitin are the two key ingredients you should be looking for. Various studies have shown that together they can counteract the enzymes that are causing cartilage damage in the first place. Secondly they provide the raw materials the body needs to create cartilage so they might actually help the body repair itself.
  2. Whilst these two ingredients form the base of most canine arthritis supplements, more serious cases, and patients with a predisposition to such joint problems (like certain breeds and larger dogs), are often put on supplements containing additional ingredients.
  3. The two most popular added ingredients are ASU and MSM. Both are included in the canine Dasuquin formula. Nutramaxx own studies suggest that these two ingredients make Dasuquin far more powerful than simple chondroitin/gluscosamin supplements.
  4. If you do feel such supplements are beneficial, it is a good idea to stick with a well respected brand such as Nutramaxx. As these supplements are not medicines, regulatory controls are less strict than we might like. A veterinary recommended brand will use a guaranteed formula, and quality of ingredients so you know that your pet is always being given the same dose.
  5. Reducing the likelihood of a dog getting arthritis, and the symptoms of one already diagnosed with the condition, may be done in various other ways too. Regular light exercise, avoiding particularly difficult things going upstairs, or jumping can all have dramatic benefits too. Crucial, is shedding any excess weight since this puts unnecessary pressure on joints, and of course is bad for health in many other ways too.

Whilst many customers report a positive reaction to the use of Dasuquin and other glucosamine products, the medical community is still undecided as to their benefit. Whilst various studies have shown their usefulness, others have indicated that the products have no more benefit than a placebo. Still, many human arthritis swear that glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin to have a beneficial effect, so they may still be worth investigating for your dog.

Similar supplements are available for human use, with many thousands of arthritis patients using them regularly. Still though studies vary hugely regarding just how effective they might be. Personally such supplements as Dasuquin are worth trying to see. But don’t expect a miracle cure; the results may be very positive, or indeed far more subtle.

Written by Karl