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Cosequin, Cats Arthritis Management

Cosequin CatsArthritis Capsules are a non-prescription based supplement.  One of few arthritis management products proven safe for use on feline pets.  Widely recommended by vets you can now buy Cosequin for your cat online.   For the best savings for your cat medicines buy the multi pack online.

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With 9 out of 10 cats over 12 years of age believed to suffer from arthritis, supplements to improve joint health are being used more and more.  There are only a few that are recorded as being completely safe for use in cats, Cosequin is one of them.

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feline cosequinHere at the Online Pet Meds site we are always looking for reliable and cheap sources of all our Cat Medicines. The best priced Cosequin for Cats online are now to be found here through the links to the US based pet medicines store.

Though Cosequin is rated #1 as the most veterinarian recommended joint supplement, no prescription is needed so you are free to buy online as easily as at your vet’s office.

What are Cosequin Cats Capsules?

These are a Joint Supplement, in use since 1992 to help slow down the degeneration of joints associated with old age, injury and feline arthritis. The key ingredients are Glucosamine hydrochloride, Chondroitin sulfate and Manganese ascorbate. The produce a seperate Cosequin Dogs product for canine pets.

Chondroitin helps block the enzymes that cause joint degeneration. Glucosamine is one of the key building blocks of cartilage, so is provided to help the joints maintain their optimum cartilage levels. The third ingredient promotes the body’s own production of cartilage.

Further research is being carried out all the time into ways to halt the progress of arthritis, but so far all the signs are extremely positive that both Chondroitin and Glucosamine work very effectively in a large number of patients (both animal and human). We explored the use of Glucosamine and Chondroitin to treat arthritis more in the Arthogen for Dogs article. The makers of Cosequin (Nutramax Laboritories) also produce similar supplements for human use, including the #1 brand of glucosamine – chondroitin based arthritis supplements. Knowing that people are using similar products is inspiring, as we know people are able to say if the products are working,. Knowing whether we are helping our pets is always one of the greatest difficulties when using pet health care products.

Some vets also recommend Cosequin to help maintain bladder health. This is because the bladder is lined with material very similar to cartilage and it is thought Cosequin will help maintain this structure and prevent bladder leakage.

How to Use Cosequin for Cats

Cosequin is supplied in capsule form for feline pets. The idea is you break open the capsule and mix the powder contained with, into your cats meals. They are flavored with natural chicken and tuna so you should have no difficulty getting your pet to take their medicine.

Feline Cosequin Dosage

The manufacturer recommends a four to six week ‘starter period’ using the capsules every day, followed by a ‘maintenance level’, where the supplements are used every other day. Cats below 10 lbs need one capsule each time while larger cats may be given two.

Full instructions are given on the packet, and it is wise to seek the advice of your vet before beginning a program of nutritional supplements such as these. He or she will be able to advise you whether the product is appropriate and likely to be of benefit to your pet.

When to Use Cosequin for Cats

As cats age a high proportion suffer from some degree of feline arthritis, which may be alleviated or slowed down by using these supplements. But, arthritis can also strike much younger animals, particularly after an injury.

If you notice signs of stiffness or lameness in your cat speak to your vet and take their advice first. Cosequin is useful in many instances but be sure to find out your suspicions of arthritis are correct before beginning any program.

Once a cat is given the four to six weeks initial treatment with the supplements, it is usual to continue with them every other day, or even every few days for the remainder of their life, to maintain their joint health.

Side Effects of Cosequin Capsules

Cosequin Capsules have a very low incidence of adverse reactions, being much milder than prescription drugs used in the management of feline arthritis. The most likely side effect (though it is rarely seen) is a mild stomach upset or diarrhea. This stomach sensitivity tends to sort itself out as the cat’s system gets used to the medication, but of course if signs persist speak to your vet before continuing the treatment.

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