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Cheap Heartworm Prevention with Proheart Dog Heartworm Pills

Proheart 6 Heartworm Pills are a really Cheap Heartworm Medicine. Used each month they ensure dogs are never infected with heartworm disease. Here we are always searching for the best Pet Meds Online at the cheapest prices.

Proheart is not licensed by the FDA for sale in the US. If you wish to choose a moxidectin based ivermectin alternative we suggest Advantage Multi for dogs. The following provides information about Proheart for pet owners based in Australia where it is licensed.

Price Proheart 6 Tabs

Proheart A great alternative to Heartgard for Dogs. Low in price, and using unique active ingredients to ensure that even dogs with potential allergies to other heartworm preventatives are kept healthy.

  • Proheart 6 Blue Heartworm Pills For small dogs up to 22 lbs*
  • Proheart 6 Yellow Heartworm Pills For extra large dogs 100 to 150 lbs*
  • Proheart 6 Green Heartworm Pills For medium dogs 23 to 47 lbs*
  • Proheart 6 Red Heartworm Pills – For large dogs 48 to 99 lbs*

*You need to pick the right pack size depending on the weight of dog to be treated.  Used year round, every thirty days Proheart Pills make sure your dog never gets adult stage heartworms, thus keeping him safe from the thread of heartworm disease.

Proheart Without a Prescription

Proheart pills are licensed for sale in Australia, but not in the US. In Australia all older monthly heartworm pills including Proheart are prescription free. Some overseas pharmacies will send heartworm meds to American customers without the correct paperwork. This is not legal and could result in the goods being confiscated by customs. Also you won’t be getting FDA approved meds.

Any reliable online pharmacy based in the US will be more than happy to sort out all the paperwork for you, so you won’t need to arrange the RX yourself.

What is Proheart for Dogs?

Proheart for Dogs is a generic heartworm medicine.  Cheaper than the larger brand names, but no less effective at keeping our pets healthy.  Proheart is widely used in both Europe and Australia but is only recently becoming more well known in the United States.  This growth in popularity is largely down to the simple fact that Proheart tablets are one of the cheapest forms of heartworm prevention around today.

Proheart heartworm medicine is based on one active ingredient, Moxidectin.   This is similar to the ivermectin used in many other forms of preventative and able to destroy larval stage parasites in a similar time-frame.  Many collie owners like to use alternatives to ivermectin and Proheart is a good choice.

How to Use Proheart for Dogs

Nothing could be more simple really.  You simply need to give your dog their Proheart tablet every 30 days.  If you are switching from another monthly heartworm pill simply switch to this one when the next tablet is due.

As with all heartworm prevention for dogs your vet should check before beginning the first course of medication, just in case your dog is already infected with the disease.  Once you have been given the all clear you can give heartworm pills, every month, year round without needing another test (another test is only necessary if you miss a couple of treatments).

Puppies from four weeks of age may be safely treated with Proheart tablets.

Both pregnant and nursing bitches can also continue receiving their monthly heartworm pill.

Proheart is rarely problematic if given in the correct dose, so always ensure you have the correct tablets for your size of dog.  Make sure to read the instructions carefully and do not give to a dog that has previously shown signs of allergy to Moxidectin.

Cheap Heartworm Prevention

Benefiting from generic pet medicines and alternatives to the biggest brand names is a simple way to buy cheap heartworm prevention for your pet.  All the same rules and regulations apply whether you are buying the most expensive or the cheapest heartworm pill, so either way your dog is cared for safely.  The only difference is the money you may save.  Packs of Proheart 6 Heartworm Pills provide and extremely economical and reliable way to deal with your dog’s monthly heartworm medicine needs.