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As more pet owners heed the advice of veterinarians and the American Heartworm Society, and use heartworm preventatives regularly, the search for low cost products grows.

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The good thing about how regulated heartworm preventatives are, is that when deciding which to use, you do not need to worry that a particular brand is better or worse than another. Every medication labelled as a heartworm medicine is guaranteed to prevent heartworm disease providing you use it correctly.

Why Some Heartworm Pills Are More Expensive Than Others

You might wonder then, why the price can vary so wildly between different types of heartworm pills. There are two key reasons for this:

  1. Whilst all heartworm tablets prevent heartworm disease, some will also target other parasites too. You may feel it is cost effective to treat for roundworms and hookworms every month whilst you treat for heart-worms. Or you may believe you don’t need to worry about intestinal parasites so regularly, in which case you can buy a simple heartworm preventative to use each month, and opt for a supplementary dog de-wormer such as Panacur C, or canine tapeworm tablets on a more occasional basis.
  2. Generally the more expensive pills are those developed and marketed under a brand name. Heartgard for example was the first monthly ivermectin based heartworm preventative. As the first in its field, the makers were allowed a period of monopoly where no other ivermectin based tablets could be sold as monthly heartworm pills. This allows the developers to recoup their costs in creating the product initially. Now though, other manufacturers are allowed to develop their own versions. You will see names such as Nuheart and Valuheart use the same quantity and quality of ivermectin to prevent the disease. These are generic pills, and as such could be developed far more cheaply (Heartgard had already done all the hard work), and are sold at a much more reasonable price.

Which Heartworm Pill Should I Use?

It depends on just how much money you wish to save, and whether other parasites are a concern. Heartgard Plus is fast becoming the most popular medication on the market. It is highly palatable (coming as a chewable treat) and deals with roundworms and hookworms. There is now a cheaper generic version available in chewable form which some dog owners are switching to in order to save some money.

If you want something that does not include beef you will need to avoid Heartgard. Choose Valuheart for a traditional tablet, or Nuheart which is soluble and so easier for fussy eaters.

To incorporate flea control into your monthly heartworm prevention Sentinel Flavor Tabs might be a good choice. They will not kill existing adult fleas, but do prevent eggs and larvae hatching, so over a few months usual cure any flea problem.


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