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Cheap Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline Plus for Dogs is a really easy way to keep your canine pets free from parasites.  Mild, yet extremely effective at dealing with fleas, ticks and biting lice Frontline Plus is the preferred topical flea treatment by many pet owners today.  Available in four doses to ensure every size of dog is well protected and safely treated, Frontline Plus comes in packs of three or six applications.

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The Best Priced Frontline Plus for Dogs we have found is available online through the links here. Buying the six packs provide an even greater saving, but each pack works out significantly cheaper than the usual online pet med outlets and far more economical than buying from your vet.

What Does Frontline Plus for Dogs Do?

cheap frontline plus for dogsOnce applied, Frontline Plus is absorbed into your dog’s sebaceous network to be distributed across the entire surface of your pet’s skin. Once applied this topical flea treatment offers between 30 days and 8 weeks of parasite control, covering fleas, ticks and biting lice.

  • Once applied existing fleas are destroyed within 12 hours.
  • Ticks are destroyed within 48 hours of coming into contact with Frontline Plus

Once the product has had 24 hours to start working it’s flea control is completely waterproof so swimming and bathing can still be enjoyed whilst keeping fleas away.

How to Use Frontline Plus for Dogs

This is a simple topical flea treatment for canine pets. Firstly ensure you buy the correct sized dose of Frontline Plus for the weight of your pet. Each is color coded to make correct purchase and application simple:

  • Frontline Plus Orange is for Dogs up to 22 lbs.
  • Frontline Plus Blue is for Dogs between 23 and 44 lbs.
  • Frontline Plus Purple is for Dogs between 45 and 88 lbs.
  • Frontline Plus Red is for Dogs between 89 and 132 lbs.

Very large dogs over 132 lbs would need to be given the correct combination of pack sizes to meet their weight.

Applying Frontline flea drops is simple, but must be done correctly to ensure ongoing flea control is maintained. The three steps are as follows:

  1. Remove the plastic tube of Frontline Plus from its foil packet and snap off the end to open it.
  2. Part the fur of your dog between the shoulder blades.
  3. Apply the contents of the tube directly onto the skin of your pet.

Every care should be taken to avoid splashing the flea drops on both yourself or your pet. For large dogs it may be necessary to make two or three applications down the spine or at the base of the tail as well as between the shoulder blades to ensure even coverage of the flea control. Be sure to read the packet for full application instructions.

Frontline Plus for Dogs Considerations

Frontline Plus is an extremely mild and effective form of flea control. In periods of high flea activity it will be necessary to use these flea drops every 30 days. But, when fleas are less active Frontline Plus has been shown to offer up to 8 weeks of flea control per application.

Frontline Plus flea drops should be allowed to work for 24 hours before allowing your dog to swim, or bathing him.

Puppies from 8 weeks of age may safely be treated with this topical flea treatment. Younger pups may be treated instead with Frontline Spray.

Both nursing and pregnant bitches may safely be treated with Frontline Plus.

Side effects are rare. The most likely (though still rare) occurrence is soreness or itchiness at the site of application. This should pass quickly but if it is prolonged or you notice anything untoward of course speak to your veterinarian.

Best Price Frontline Plus for Dogs

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Sometimes it is possible to make further savings by choosing generic products but as Generic Frontline is not yet widely available it does not offer significant savings when compared to the Cheap Frontline Plus for Dogs offered here.